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Good Morning, Sunshine!

Today marks the dawn of a new day, my friends, for it was this morning that I needed to reach for an extra blanket when the alarm went off. Yes, it was a little chilly. A little chilly, I say! Here in Houston, we take what we can get, which in this case means low humidity and temps in the mid-sixties (at five in the morning.) So, yes, it may get into the high eighties this afternoon, and sure, the smothering blanket of humidity will most likely return in a few days, but today we celebrate!

Welcome, Fall! 


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  1. Good morning to you, too! It’s much colder at night here in Tucson, too, although days are still in the 90s. But the temp drops sometimes 30 degrees at night which makes for a really wild adjustment each day/night. But I’m glad because it is fun to snuggle in a nice warm bed.

  2. Wasn’t it glorious this morning!!! It won’t last long, but it was worth the wait!

  3. Ooh! Congrats! Fall is in Texas!

    I thought it was going to be cool and Fall-ish for two days in a row so I wore my wool skirt today.

    When I went to lunch it was almost 80 degrees.

    Mmhhmm. “Fall” it is.

  4. Us too here in Georgia! Finally, fall 🙂

  5. Giddyup! I love that!

  6. HI, totally unrelated to this post but I wondered if you ever did a tutorial for the grab bag. I am in Australia and have just searched for the magazine but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

  7. I am loving the cooler weather! We have cool mornings and warm afternoons here in Colorado too. Perfect!


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