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Let’s play catch-up, shall we?

  • Saturday was Craft Day, which was just as fun as it sounds. Thanks again, Heather, for hostessing! Lunch was so delicious (chicken sausage with potatoes and apple crisp) that—oh yes—I had to recreate it for Kevin last night. He’s a fan now, too. Anyway, here are the fruits of my labor, handpainted glass ornaments:

  • OK, here’s the thing: The Bachelor is, for me, one of those train wreck reality shows from which you cannot turn away. The only reason I’m already behind this season is that I can’t seem to remember that it comes on Monday nights. From last night’s episode alone, though, I can say that this is going to be a totally cringe-worthy season. Even better than watching the show [“what? better than watching The Bachelor?!”, you say] is reading the recap posted by Lincee. It’s really the reason that I try to keep up with the show, so that I can fully appreciate her commentary.
  • Reading a few of the Blog Action Day posts yesterday reminded me of a thought which struck me a few days ago while watching the news. Bear in mind, of course, that I’m no economist, nor do I claim to have even a firm grasp on most of the concepts after one college course (which, though interesting, served only to convince me that I should not pursue International Business as a major). OK, but when you hear reports about the economy being in trouble because retailers are not meeting all of their sales goals, couldn’t it also be interpreted as consumers simply consuming less? I still buy plenty, but nowhere near the amounts I was bringing home even five years ago. Heck, even a year ago! While this was certainly a boon for my wallet, it was no favor to the good people in the retail business. Even so, is the only answer to stimulating the economy running out and buying more useless crap? Oh, and the funny part was when one commentator disagreed with all the doom and gloom by saying that there were actually increases in profits by and large, but they just weren’t as high as expected. A little less alarming, no? I’m not really going anywhere with this; it’s just what I was thinking about yesterday.

And that brings us up to date. In the midst of all of last week’s sewing and stuff, the house was rapidly slipping into squalor. I finally realized it on Friday, assured the man of the house that I did in fact see it, and spent yesterday catching up on the ironing and getting back to some semblance of order. This morning, I sorted out the growing stack of scraps before it took over the cutting table (again), and now I’m ready to get back in the saddle. Yaw!


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  1. The Bachelor is awful . I think it’s just …..I don’t even know the right word. But I CAN”T STOP WATCHING IT!
    I hang my head in shame.
    And thanks for the link! Now I can read more about it!!

  2. I love, love, LOVE those ornaments in the front!

  3. A. Your ornaments rock. So do craft days with the girls. Yahoo!
    B. I want to be the Bachelorette something awful. It would be so fun and so horrible.
    C. WOO HOO for limited shopping! Love that! Great way of looking at it. You say recession, I say moderation!

  4. Your glass ornaments are gorgeous!

    I think you made a good point about the issue of consumerism and profit margins. I’m not an economist either but even I can see the irony in the whole thing.

  5. I cackle like an old witch every time one of those “women” on The Bachelor start crying. They act like they have lost their husband of 25 years, when they get booted after knowing him for a couple weeks.
    The contestants are all starting to look like Miss America contestants too.
    If you miss an episode, you can watch them all on


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