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Actual finished projects (hopefully)!

It’s been kind of a crafty week, in fact, but we’re entering into the tricky time of year when the works-in-progress are of the gift variety, thus inappropriate for broadcast. Still, by next week, I hope to at least finish the InStitches Sew Along project, seeing as how it’s for September/October, and October is starting to wind down.

Two months really did seem plenty long when the project was introduced. However, here’s what progress has been like so far:

Day 1: Decide on fabric somewhat. Become overwhelmed by the thought of creating the patchwork, then have the brilliant idea of how to cheat. [More on that later, like when I actually finish.]

Day 2: Begin cutting fabric

Day 3: Continue cutting fabric

Day 4: Realize that I left out some of the backing pieces, and return to the mat to cut still more fabric.

Day 5: Quilt, quilt, quilt. Become disgusted and disenchanted with the whole walking foot thing, seeing as how I still end up with a whole lot of distortion in the fabric. I do, however, really like the guide that you stick in the back of the foot to measure the distance between the lines. Good stuff.

At the end of Day 5, I realized that I didn’t have a zipper, and production stopped there. Soon, though–soon.

For those of you who haven’t started your bag yet, don’t be discouraged by these estimates. It’s not like they’re full days, and besides, I have a feeling that a more focused individual could’ve persevered a little more. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, though.


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  1. I’ve not started my project but plan to make it on Tuesday. The fabrics are already bought so that’s some semblance of progress. I do not know why I’ve been procrastinating on this project–I’ve never done that before.

  2. For anyone who wants more ideas on how to cheat and shortcut this pattern, see my post here where I relegate all but the necessaries to the cutting room floor and forge rebelliously ahead.

    Hint: I suck at patchworking.

  3. It’s not gonna’ happen with me! Maybe someday. In the meantime I’ll be inspired by all of you.

  4. Just the fact that it had a zipper was enough to make me opt out this round. Of course, I think the last stitch-along project I compeleted on time was the pj pants. Hmmmm… pj pants. Must make winter version….


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