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Our Day of Fun

So as you may or may not have heard, Fall really really finally made it here—at least for a visit— this week. Monday was rainy and cold, and it’s been dipping into the 40s at night ever since. It’s been gorgeous outside every day. Being the super moms that we are, my sister-in-law and I decided to make the most of it by taking the kids on a field trip to the Oil Ranch. There were pony rides, hayrides where you can feed the cows, and a petting zoo.

Sadly, my son is not one for getting near the animals. I have no idea why that came as a surprise to me. Well, not a surprise, because I’ve seen the way he reacts to very small, sweet dogs: not well at all. But I somehow thought he’d warm up to the idea. Then, about halfway through the day, I was struck by the memory of going to the petting zoo at Happy Hollow when I was a kid, and secretly hating it. Not Happy Hollow, which I thought was a magical place, but the blasted petting zoo. The food pellets were smelly, the animals were smelly, and they kept nipping at my clothes and crowding me. Oh, and the terror that struck me when I sat on a horse for the first time on a Girl Scout field trip. I kept it cool, but it was a relief to hop back down. But I digress; back to the Ranch. I should note that the other half of our dynamic duo, my niece, did like the animals and had a good ol’ time.

The train ride was a hit all the way around, as was the pumpkin patch at the end. Joey had a great time stacking up the pumpkins (“I building!”) to make a snowman. We mamas enjoyed being able to stroll around all day in the sunshine without melting, and without watching our young children get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Bonus!

Of course, all good times have to come to an end. Sadly, this is the way most of our outings come to a close.

Yes, the good patrons of the Oil Ranch were treated to the heartbroken and probably baffling cries of “My snowballs! My snowbaaaalls!” as we exited the pumpkin patch. Hey, it was good while it lasted, though.


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  1. Okay, that picture almost made me laugh harder than his sweeping hall of shame shot…almost…


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