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It Doesn’t Take Much

So I’m really starting to revel in the whole Fall thing. I feel comfortable in saying this only because the good weather is supposed to continue on into next week. Believe me, I’m not foolish enough to believe that we’ve seen the last of the hot, humid days. Noooo. Not by a long shot. I distinctly remember putting on some new pajamas I’d received as an early gift a couple of days before Christmas one year, and had to change out of them a couple of hours later because it was way too hot for long sleeves. Too hot– in December. 

All the more reason to seize the day, right? Today, my beloved slow-cooker [when did we stop calling them crockpots?] made its first appearance of the season, which makes me very happy indeed. I love throwing a bunch of stuff in it in the morning, and having dinner cooking itself all day. Sweet freedom! Tonight, we’ll be feasting on Slow-Cooker Bean and Barley Soup, which is one of my winter staples. It reminds me of the Riviera brand minestrone that we used to eat with my grandfather when we were kids—nice and thick. I like to thicken it up even more by stirring in cubes of Italian bread right before serving, which I think makes it almost like a ribollita. I’ve never actually tasted ribollita, though, so I’m just guessing here.

You know what else made my day today? Finding a pair of wide-width cross-trainers at Kohl’s. Do you know how hard it is to find women’s running shoes in a wide-width? Or how tricky it is to find a men’s 8.5, for that matter? Trust me, it’s just cause for celebration. One of the things I’ve come to dread most about working out is cramming into my shoes, if you can believe that. Happy days are here again, Feet!

Here’s hoping that you’ve found small things to cheer you on this fine October day. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Kohls is my favortie place to shop. They are opening a new one 5 miles from my house in 3 weeks….I often see wide widths in my running shoe pursuits. I wear a saucony grid stabil – and now wide because of a bunion. I usually shop in stores that specialize in running shoes, but have noticed that some of the online sites (like shoebuy) seem to carry them, too.

    I made a black bean soup yesterday – was perfect for the fall! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! What other slowcooker/crockpot/thing that cooks my dinner while I work my fingers to the bone recipes do you like? I want to put that beast to work more often, especially with the cool weather. Gimmegimmegimme!

  3. I love my slowcooker too ~ comfort food! Great job on the patchwork bag too!

  4. I love fall! And it was actually 40F here last night in Georgia. 🙂


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