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Hope for the Hopeless

So, true to my original plans, I’ve been working on modifying the InStitches Patchwork Bag for use as a men’s travel toiletry bag. Friends, I am so excited! I mean, it’s pretty much the same bag, but here are the exciting parts:

  • It didn’t take me a week to gather, cut, and quilt this thing the second time around, which was totally a deal-maker.
  • The modifications involved some basic math skills, which was a potential deal-breaker. However, from the looks of things so far, the new calculations were actually correct. I’m as shocked as you.
  • One of the only things that really bothered me about the first bag was that little unfinished edge along the zipper, on the inside of the bag. It’s just barely visible, but it bugged me to see the little bits of frayed thread and batting sticking out. And yes, I did zig-zag finish it, but not close enough to the edge to suit my tastes. Well, this time around, I decided to refer to my sewing machine’s user guide in search of an overcast stitch of some sort that would be more effective. Turns out my machine even has a fancy little overcasting foot and a special stitch. The result? A much trimmer edge, and a happier seamstress. Hooray for the manual! Hooray for literacy skills! Hooray!

I have another one already in the works, because ya can’t make just one. No, keep cranking ’em out until you mess one up so badly that you never want to try it again—that’s my philosophy!


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  1. Um, genius! That bag is the perfect size for a dop kit! Nicely done! I’m thinking Christmas gifts for the men in my life…
    How are you? I’ve been thinking about you this week. I actually thought to myself today, “I wish I could call Meg and catch up.”

  2. OH wow – that is very extra fancy and man-ish. You are borderline GENIUS.

    Because I never want to touch this pattern again (or flip through its many pages) I will not be showing your post to Bubba because he would want it. The man wants IT ALL. Sheesh.

    No hard feelings, k? It’s just I don’t want to do math.

  3. The bag looks great! I did not care for the unfinished zipper part either and am going to sew some matching seam tape over it.


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