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Change: Not Always So Good

The change, of course, being the end of Daylight Saving Time. I had a vague feeling of unease going into it on Saturday night, despite the assurances that “we gain an extra hour!” Yeaahh, but where does that hour come from again? I had my answer at 5:45 the following morning, which was when our son started shouting his greetings from the crib.

There we go. This is why I don’t like the time change: the sleep schedule is out the window for several days. Past experience tells me that it’ll all be ok soon, but you just never know….

Oh, and it gets dark way too early, and people forget how to drive in the dark, so the freeway traffic is insane. I don’t miss having to commute, I’ll tell you that much, but the memory remains, which is why I was gripping my husband’s arm as he left for work yesterday morning.

“Leave early today or you’ll be on the road forever!” Maybe a little dramatic, but whatever.

I actually took a picture to go along with today’s post, but—once again, thanks go to the time change—it was already so gloomy in here at 4:30 this afternoon that the shot was unbelievably bad. Anyway, had I been able to use the shot, I could’ve gone with the alternate title to this post, “Basic Math: Is There Any Such Thing?” I sat down to attach the bindings to the first of three quilts that are currently lined up, and realized when I rounded the fourth corner that there wasn’t enough binding left to finish the edge. What?! How? I measured, and calculated, and cut extra, but there was a good ten inch gap which begged to differ with my math skills. I know that I’m easily confounded by long division, but I used a calculator! Well, turns out I’d left off one of the strips when I created the binding, so I just tacked it on and was back in business. Confidence restored! One down, two to go.


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  1. The time change/daylight change is totally messing up my life. And, potentially the lives of others. Meaning, when I take the dog out for her nightly walk, it is hard for me to see her *luggage* when she drops it off, and there may come a time when I’ll not be able to find it (panic) and have to leave it there right on the sidewalk for *others* to find during daylight hours.


    So, I’m off to get a headlamp so that I can look like a bloody loser while picking up dog doo.

    My life is so glam.


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