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Basting Party

OK, so it was a party of one, but that was enough to get the job done. This is the fourth and, most likely, final quilt for this here holiday season. Look at it, all nice and basted. Man, basting is a mother of a step! It only took me this long to get to it because every day, I say to myself, “Should I sew, or iron that backing and get the quilt basted?” The sewing has been the clear winner up until today. I knew that the boy was good and tired, though, and that was key. Basting is the only step where you really have to hit it and quit it in this house, because the best place to lay everything out is in the middle of the living room. How long will a taped down quilt with a bunch of safety pins sticking out of it last in a room with a two-year-old? Anyone ever give it a shot? I’m sure not willing to chance it. No, once you start, there’s no going back, and now it’s done! Now it’ll just be another few days or so to work up the confidence to get down to the nitty-gritty of quilting.

This reminds me of another of the things in the Bend the Rules book that spoke to me. In some of the more involved projects, she recommends breaking the work up over a couple of days so that you don’t suffer from burnout. I really thought that I just needed to suck it up and finish right away most of the time, but reading that somehow gave me permission to step away for a little while to recharge before digging into a difficult portion of a project. It’s served me well when it comes to quilting most of the time. I calculated it roughly once, and figured that, if I dedicated all of my sewing time to making a quilt—an average sized, not too intricate in its design—it would probably only take me three weeks instead of the three months that I usually have to allow. The downside is that it would probably be quite the while before I ever wanted to make another one, so where’s the fun in that? I’m not on the clock here.

Except, as we all know, I am on the clock now because these are “due” in just a few weeks. And progress is actually being made, so the deadline isn’t even looming over me yet, mocking me during every wasted minute! Ah, sweet November–still so full of promise.

Hey, on a side note, because I was listening to the Dr. Phil show whilst basting, do you know what I’d love to hear? I’d love it if, when the good doctor asks a guest, “Did you say [whatever crazy thing]?”, they would reply, “Yepper, sure did” rather than launch into this whole semantics game and a bunch of clarifications. I mean, I know they feel under attack and want to explain, but come on—you know that’s what you said! You called her all of those names and more, probably in the heat of the moment, and you really don’t like her. Come on, say it! Then you can back it up and explain, or not, your choice.

[Really, it’s not like you come here to contemplate the deeper issues in life, right?]


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  1. I recently took my first quilting class. It was called “Hand Quilting” and we worked on one small project. I could not believe all the basting that had to be done on this small piece–as such, I cannot even begin to imagine doing something as large as your quilt. Anyway, your project is looking beautiful.

  2. That has been my only savior on some of these longer projects – break it up into smaller pieces (shopping, cutting, sewing front/back, etc) rather than trying to man through the whole thing at once.

    Also, this way no one dies.

  3. Look at you go woman! I love it. And I like to take any hand sewing like I take my Dr. Phil — in small increments.


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