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Turns Out It May Have Been the Math

Sure, there was a missing strip to blame for the first binding mishap, but what can I say about the second one?

Oh, but yes: this morning, when I rounded the fourth corner of the second quilt, I was again short by about six inches. Really, what?! Too ridiculous. I added an extra strip to the third binding, which ought to do the trick, but if not, I don’t know. I…yeah, I don’t know.

Nevertheless, there are now two quilts with bindings attached, which makes them as good as done in my book. Sure, the hand-stitching will take at least another couple of days for each one, but that’s sitting-around work. I don’t count that; they’re as good as done, I say!

Speaking of as good as done, here’s one of my InStitches Sew Along submissions for Nov/Dec:

Tell you what, the ol’ Hanging Toiletry Basket was easier the second time around, but I have no idea why. That should stand to reason, being that it’s the second time around and all, but it still was a pleasant surprise. I managed to keep the mindless screw-ups to a minimum, and didn’t even bust a needle this time. Bonus!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic about the Sew Along now that it’s wrapping up. I’ve looked forward to trying to rise to the challenge each and every time, and talk about getting full use out of a book! This has got to be some kind of record for me, no doubt about it. Oh, and to be able to use so many of the materials I already had on-hand for the projects–that was especially sweet. Good stuff all the way around. Big thanks to the masterminds, Kelli and Finny, not only for sticking with it, but making it a lot of fun to boot. Look at how much gift-giving inspiration it’s providing me with this season–these projects have been priming the pump, I tell ya!


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  1. Love it! Super cute fabrics. And when it comes to math, I call Finny.


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