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Not Just Fun, But SUPER FUN!

Yes, I’m very easily excited when it comes to sewing projects. Nonetheless, that’s how I would rate the quick and easy patchwork scarf that I made yesterday.

As usual, the most time-consuming part was selecting the fabrics. You would think that this would be easy, considering the scrap bonanza that I possess, but that’s not the case. Still not the case. In fact, I needed (yes, “needed”) to cut into new yardage to get just the combo that I wanted. Hey, and don’t you wish that there were a more dignified way to refer to the last beloved pieces of your favorite, often irreplaceable, fabrics than “scraps”? That just makes it sound so cheap and crummy. “I made it using my scraps!” Oh, well, how glorious—I’ll treasure it forever! Such a shame.

Sorry – where were we? Scarf, right. OK, so you’ve no doubt already seen it, but be sure to check out Beth’s fine tutorial for inspiration and complete instructions. I decided to make mine on the small side, 4 1/2″ wide x about 39″ long. It’s just long enough for a jaunty over-the-shoulder look, and allowed me to use a single width of fabric rather than piecing it together. Win/win. I interfaced it with flannel for a little extra coziness and body.
As though we didn’t have enough kids on our Christmas list, I found myself almost making up new ones as an excuse to make some more of these. I swear, my brain is totally wired toward feast or famine! If I manage to get through the other three fabric combinations that have already been lined up, that’ll be a swimmingly good start. After that, maybe I’ll dress the rest of our banister posts. Doesn’t the one in the picture look festive? I’m taking holiday decor to the next level, people!


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  1. Not just cute, SUPER cute! :o)

  2. Oh look how you can just match fabrics up and they look all cute and whatnot. I’ll also go ahead and assume that no one died in the compiling of these fabrics?

    Yes, nicely done MIS 😉

  3. I love your scarf and I think I’ll try this after I return from our Thanksgiving trip. I’m going to work on knitting myself an Irish Hiking Scarf during my trip. Thank you for sharing you lovely scarf and the pattern tutorial link.

  4. I love it! Fantastic scarf!… I’m going to have to try a flannel interfacing on my next one…

  5. Very cool scarf! I love the fabrics you chose.


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