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I wanted to share this before I forget, seeing as how I could’ve saved myself untold pain and suffering had I discovered it earlier. Oh, you more experienced hand-sewing mavens already know this, and probably several less experienced folks that take a minute to ask questions before you shrug and leap into things. So, it turns out that selecting the correct needle for hand-sewing makes a HUGE difference. I had one of those multi-packs that don’t have any sort of marking as to which needle is suited to which type of project, so I tried to pick one that was…sharp. I just wanted a thin, sharp needle. Unfortunately, the one I chose was a little too round and the eye had to be yanked through with my other hand on every stitch. My thumb and forefinger are still sore from the sewing I did on Sunday. I thought it had something to do with the funky blend of the backing I’d used on the quilt, and it may have, but mostly it was the needle. I picked up a pack of “sharps” in a variety of sizes the other day, and it made all the difference in the world. To sum up, when choosing a needle for the handwork portion of attaching the binding to a quilt, go for pretty short and fine. If you have to force the needle through, it’s worth stopping right there and trying a different one out. If anyone happens to have more precise advice in this arena, don’t be shy! Do I sound like I feel authoritative in the least bit about the whole issue? I pressed on with the wrong needle for 3/4 of the quilt, after all!


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  1. Are you also a fan of my favorite method: Whatever is within arm’s reach. ?

    Yes, sometimes I think about fashioning a needle from my fork or whatever is close by rather than going to find the “right tool for the job”.

  2. Actually, I have been discovering this same needle issue the hard way. My fingers are sore from making this discovery. Thanks for your post as I don’t feel so alone.

  3. That’s just the kind of tip I need. I should be ready to do my first binding in a few weeks. You’re the best!

  4. A thimble makes a huge difference too. I just got one and had this conversation with myself:
    “Really? You’ve been sewing all these years and JUST NOW you thought to get a thimble?”
    Yep. I’m so smart. SMRT.


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