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In with the Good, Out with the Guilt


Since every single handmade thing I’ve managed to turn out has been a gift, and since half the of people that read this post (or their child) will be the recipient of one of said gifts, the pictures may be few and far between for a couple of weeks. For that matter, so may the posts; I seem to be in more of a reading (rather than writing) mood lately. Anyway, this picture is the second most decorated place in the house right now. It’s simple, but I love looking at it.

Can you believe that I took that the other day at about four in the afternoon? That’s the other reason for the sparse photography at the moment, but let’s face it: it’s not like this is really somewhere to pop in for the stellar photography work. I’m comfortable with that.

So the order of the day is trying to kick off a guilt-free week. I finally got down to business this weekend and compiled the grand baking list and inventoried the freezer. Note to the locals: Probably not the week to pop in for dinner. Not that anyone normally does, but I’m making room in the freezer and that carries with it the threat of some experimental dinners. Hey, I need to make some space! OK, so list-making and freezer inspection? Check! Then the boy and I did the grocery shopping, which included picking up the all-important baking supplies, the last load of laundry is in the washer, and the ironing is almost done. All that’s left is to make the bed and run the dishwasher, and I’ll feel like I’ve gotten the week off to a good start. See, I want to be able to wrap gifts and sew during every free moment starting tomorrow, and I can’t do that if the entire house is descending into squalor. Two-thirds of the house? I can live with that, but not the whole thing.

[And there’s another gift to you, my friends: If you receive baked goods from me, you can eat them with the confidence that they were prepared when the kitchen was in all its splendor. Oh, I can manage to scoot things aside and make dinner when it’s a cluttered mess, sure, but I can’t stand to take on big projects like cookie-making when there’s stuff all over the counters and a stack of blasted plastic containers waiting in the sink. You’re welcome.]

Oh, and if I want to squeeze in yet another cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, I’ll do that, too. That’s the magic of the guilt-free week. And I’ll say it once more (and maybe even again later): there’s nothing wrong with crossing a few things off of your list. For me, that amounted to nixing the Christmas cards, deciding not to make a little something special for each of the ladies in my Sunday School class (sorry), and turning two individual gifts that just were. not. working. into kinder (to me, that is), simpler “family” gifts. Advent calendar? Not happening this year. It’s the 10th. I mean, I could still maybe get one together for the twelve days of Christmas or something, but that’ll just be a pleasant surprise if it works out. I can already tell you, though, that I don’t foresee it working out. My Christmas spirit is rising even as I type, though!

Tonight we’re going to my company Christmas dinner. That’s right: I work four hours a week, and we’re attending my company’s party. Kevin’s worked at the same place as long as we’ve been together, and he’s never so much as mentioned going to their office party, and happier about that I could not be. It just makes me laugh.


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