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A Little Scrooge-y, Perhaps?

So it occurred to me later last night, long after I’d published the last post, that it may have come off as a tad Scrooge-y. You know, what with all the general feeling of “forget that stuff!”, and “don’t bother with those gifts!”, and the like. Ahh, the spirit of Christmas, right? [That thought made me laugh to myself all morning.] Anyway, not that I take any of that back, because I still support the idea of taking it easy on yourself this here holiday season. I just wanted to make sure that you understand that the other half of that coin is this: You drop as much of the stuff that is becoming pure chaos in favor of focusing your energy on the good. Putting together gifts which can be an expression, even if it’s just a hint, of the love and appreciation you have for the recipient instead of ones which leave you feeling as though you’d rather hurl it out of your car window at their doorstep without slowing down. Not because you dislike the person, but because you’ve come to hate the crap gift you’ve been all twisted up over for days so much that you really don’t want to present them with it personally.

beep beep “Yeah, Merry Christmas!” [thud] screeeeeech

Or being able to take the evening off to drive around and look at the lights without spending the entire time silent and tense as you wrack your brain to figure out how you’re going to clean the house, bake six dozen cookies, and make it to two different parties the following afternoon.

Some people thrive on this kind of thing, but not this people.

OK, so I feel like I’ve beat that poor dead horse enough. Let’s move on to something nice, something I’d like to call Super (Simple) Fun Christmas – Part One. In no particular order, a few of the things I’m enjoying today:

Our new door decoration, which brings the number of areas which have been festively festooned up to three. Can you feel the magic?! I made this stocking year before last right after I’d wrapped up the DS Quilts scarf-a-thon. I think I made a total of five scarves and three stockings. That’s a lot of foundation piecing, friends. Add a little greenery, a couple of felt bird ornaments, and– voila!–door decoration. Thanks for the good idea two years ago, Mom!

My beautiful “Grinch” scarf, as it was affectionately named by my brother. If it ever drops below 70 again, I’ll happily snatch it right back off the banister and put it to proper use; I’ve only gotten to wear it twice this season!

A nice little bag of delicious toffee. I was just really wanting something sweet, and couldn’t find a thing in the house. But, oh wait, then I remembered the lovely parting gift I received at the Christmas dinner last night. Perfection!

Have a holly, jolly Tuesday.


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  1. That door stocking is truly awesome. I love it! And the green scarf? I stared at the photo trying to figure out you got a tropical vine to grow on your banister. Ha!

  2. love that door color!

  3. I’ve been wondering the same thing about myself with all the Fugly House Decorating posting I’ve been doing. Am I the Grinch? Or, more accurately, am I the Bitch?

    The answer is probably yes – but thank you for bringing some actual holly jolliness to my day. I think I’ll go focus on something holiday-ish that is good rather than annoying or stressful.

  4. The stocking on the door is wonderful–I love the color and the stocking itself is as cute as it can be. The “Grinch” scarf looks quite festive and makes me smile. And that toffee! Oh, that sounds yummy.

    I’m trying really hard not to stress over Christmas this year and am having a much more relaxed time of it as a result.

  5. I love the patchwork stocking! I just found a bag of scraps in a cabinet yesterday and will have to get patchin’ myself. Furthermore, I love, love your door! I think a door sets the stage for a house and yours rocks!


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