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Finally–something I can actually show! Yes, I’ve been at the patchwork scarves again. I really do love putting these together. At one point, I had visions of making one for each of the kids in our children’s church group. Then the class size grew to twelve, and I forgot this brilliant idea until I looked at the picture of these two here, so let’s face it: it’s time to hit the dollar aisle at Target and hope for the best. They’ve already learned not to expect too much from me in the way of treats, anyway. Why go raising that bar now? (Not that I think all of them would consider a scarf a “raise”. They’re pre-K, for pete’s sake.)

So it’s crunch time now, isn’t it? Time to start finishing. My goals for today include doing an inventory of everything I currently have, gift-wise, wrapping some of it, and mailing the packages that need to go out. That last one has been on my list all week, but I had to write the accompanying notes, and that takes all of…five minutes, so you can see why it’s been put off all week. But today they will be off to the post office. TODAY! Or tomorrow, depending on my little helper’s mood. So TODAY or TOMORROW, they will be off to the post office!

Oh, I also realized that I had one more quilt all basted and ready to go, because I only needed about a week to finish it. Well, congratulations to me, because now I only have about a week to finish it. Fortunately, I was able to quilt half of it last night so the panicky feeling is diminishing quickly. Speaking of trying to squelch the panicky feeling during the Christmas countdown, have you been following along with this month’s posts over at June’s? She’s taking a page out of Better Homes and Gardens kinder, gentler Advent, and it has really provided me with an extra minute of happy inspiration every day. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check it out!


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  1. Beautiful. Who wouldn’t want one of these draped over their shoulders?
    And three cheers for the Target discount section!

  2. Wow, your scarfs look beautiful! Great job!

  3. As someone who recently gave birthday gifts to twins (adults), I think you’ve achieved the “separate, but equal” goal very well! I also love how the scarves are kind of kissing in your photo – very sweet!


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