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It’s Going to be Alright

That’s the feeling that I have today. Sure, this week is slipping away with lightning speed, and a good portion of the things I’d intended to finish will not be making the cut, but it’s all going to be fine.

For the baking, my friends, has begun.

I have a compulsion when it comes to holiday baking. I really could have gotten away with doing very little, but where’s the fun in that? When I started making THE LIST last weekend, my goal was to find an interesting assortment of fairly straightforward recipes, and I think I managed to do so. It’s really only day two, though, so I’ll keep you posted on that. Here’s the cookie list:

Date Cookies (pictured, in progress)
Ginger-Sesame Shortbread
Lime-Cornmeal Shortbread
Coconut Sandwich Cookies
7-Layer (or Magic) Bars

The shortbread has been on ice since Sunday; they’re slated for baking tomorrow. Today was the day to prepare the rolls for the date cookies, since they have to chill before baking. Frankly, making these stresses me out a little because they’re my favorite. What if the batch turns out badly? Where does that leave this little piggy? [Yes, that’s right: some of my Christmas joy hinges on delicious date cookies. Shallow, I know, but there you have it.]

The gifts for Joey’s Sunday School teachers and my co-workers are done and were delivered Sunday (in Joey’s case) or will be tomorrow (when I go tend to the files.) Just getting the first phase of anything out the door helped me relax. Now I’m off to wrap, because that’s the thing that’s also hanging over my head. It never seems like it will take that long, but it always does. Besides, a pile of wrapped presents looks so much more “done” piled in a basket than the same stuff in its unwrapped state, no?


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  1. ok, can I have your ginger sesame shortbread recipe? it sounds awesome, and you know I can’t get enough ginger…

    I totally know what you mean about portions of happiness resting on the outcome of something you have only some control over… I hope you are so well and that you are having a good Christmas



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