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I Knew This Would Happen

Of course, when I opened up my files to start sharing pictures of the gifts I made this year, I discovered that several of them were never photographed. Whatever. You know what? That means I still managed to snap a quick pic of about twice as many as in previous years, so it’s an improvement at least. Still aggravating, though.

OK, but you can easily picture fill in the blanks with your imagination: picture this bag, but in shades of charcoal in place of the blue, and these potholders in a yellow and pink four-patch pattern (as they were shown in the book, for that matter). Oh, and another patchwork scarf with a matching tote, which was actually a birthday gift. There, that was easy.

So the Craft Apple Mini Patchfolio pattern got a major workout:


I’m of the opinion that everyone could use a nice notebook, and this size is just perfect for tucking into most of my purses. Putting together the fabric combinations was so much fun. These make great use of fat quarters, but I think I ended up slicing into yardage for each and every one of them. Still, I’m just saying, they’d be great for using up fat quarters if you have a stack of ’em.

[You can take a peek of the inside of these here and here if you’d like.]

We’ve already begun the post-holiday cleaning around here. By that, I only mean that we’ve taken all of the gifts completely out of their wrapping and stacked them on the table. You have to realize that this is a major concession for me. I have always liked looking at my stack of presents for a while (which is to say: days) before putting them away. The stack is smaller and more significant nowadays, but I still have the same “pile and admire” tendency. My husband does not share the same tendency. I thought I was really compromising when I agreed that we should get rid of all the paper and ribbons yesterday, which turned into taking everything out of the gift bags and boxes, which led to having to put away all of the reusable gift bags and boxes. That was two steps that I’d planned to stretch out over the course of a couple of days. We stopped there, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold off the full-scale find-a-place-for-everything sweep that’s bound to take place before the weekend’s out. (Yes, when I originally said that the pile admiration could go on for “days”, I should’ve said “weeks”. There, I said it.) That means I have to get a move-on, because I want to at least get the boy’s old toys cleared out before we add a bunch of new ones, or else who knows when it will get done. I can’t stand kicking these toys around, but I have to admit that I have a hard time getting rid of some of them. The good part is I know that he would never notice if the bulk of them went missing, so I don’t have to deal with that difficult conversation. Two is a very good age in that respect.


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  1. I love those notebooks! Where did you find that pattern? I could definitely use one! It will be so good to have you in the Make Something Everyday Challenge!


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