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Yes, More Notebooks


The Note Taker pattern also served me quite well this Christmas. These were for my mom and my youngest sister, two people who cherish list-making as much as I do, and are actually much more capable of being organized than me. So good luck, Ladies! No excuses now-you have in your possession The Note Taker. [You can peek at the insides here.]

I know I sound like a broken record, but putting these together? So much fun. I had such a hard time holding onto them until Christmas. The only part that kind of bummed me out was I had whole theme gifts built around each of these, but they both fell apart by the end. I can’t put my finger on why, because the vision was pretty clear in my head (and I’m not sharing it here, because I’m still hopeful that I can get it to gel up the next time around, and then you’ll see. You’ll all see!) Nevertheless, that’s not the fault of the lovely portfolio here. And they were well received, which makes it all ok.

In fact, here’s to you, 2007 Recipients of Handmade Make It Snappy Love: a sweet and gracious bunch of recipients. I know that sounds a little ridiculous, “Oh, how kind of you not to sneer at the gift I made you”, but it’s true. There’s nothing sadder for the proud creator than to see their loved ones surreptitiously peeking in the box for their “real” gift, am I right? So thank you, one and all. You have made me very happy.

[Oh, and for the record, I made out like a bandit. If you saw it, you couldn’t possibly blame me for wanting to admire my sweet, sweet loot in a nice little stack for a little while longer.]

Speaking of handmade goodness, check out this challenge for January that Keri as proposed. With such nice, loose parameters, how can you resist? Gotta keep those creative juices flowing!


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  1. I love the fabric on the inside of the one on the left. So cute!


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