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For the Young Artist

OK, so this is the last of the Note Takers. You’ll notice that this one was modified with a spiral sketch pad and drawing supplies to suit our niece, the artist. The fact that she also loves horses gave me the perfect excuse to get my hands on the Heather Ross fabrics that were put into service for most of this gift. They are the nicest, softest pieces; I wish more quilters cottons were like them.

For the bag, I used Simplicity pattern 4391, View A. Technically, it’s a laptop case, but it’s also the perfect size for the notebook. All in all, the bag pattern was fairly simple. I had a little trouble understanding the instructions a couple of times, but it must not have been too difficult in the end because I don’t remember exactly which steps caused the problems, and whatever they were, they didn’t hold up production all that much. I topstitched the middle band to the top flap to add a little pizazz.

Of course, the best part of all was seeing our girl carry her new bag around for the rest of the afternoon. Yay! I think I was more nervous about this gift than most of the others. You know how it is, when you’re so excited about making something, and then realize that it might not be as cool as you thought (even though you’re still all excited about it, like some kind of idiot?) So, yes, I was extra happy when it was all said and done.

I think I’m almost ready to take down the Christmas decorations. I usually drag my feet as long as possible, but they’re already making me feel sort of…messy. Maybe it’s part of the aging process, I don’t know, but I’m feeling sort of “and we’re done! Moving right along!” I also used to get pretty melancholy about the end of the year, but I’m feeling rather excited about starting a new one. I have no idea why (aside from the fact that ’07 wasn’t what I’d call a banner year), considering I don’t have big plans of any kind, but there’s something nice about closing the books on one year and starting fresh. It’s kind of artificial, sure, but I like it.

I only have to turn my head slightly in any direction to note that there is absolutely nothing fresh about my surroundings. Did someone ransack our home while we were at Lowe’s? Will I ever be able to prove it?? So, as usual, I need to stop typing and get to sweepin’. It’s not good to welcome the new year with a dusty home! Well, that’s what I’ve heard; I really couldn’t tell you from experience. Still, it makes sense.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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  1. I am very much of the opinion that holiday decorations should come down quickly after the holiday. There’s nothing that drives me crazier than decor up long past its expiration date!

    Happy 2008!

  2. Hello I came across your page. I love this book cover or what ever you call it. Do you have a pattern you would share for making it.?? PLease please it is so cute. I just got a new machine for christmas so would love to try it. So I wondered if you made it or if there is a pattern out there to make these..

    Thank you ever so much.
    love you blog and pictures..



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