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Easing Back Into Real Life

So here we are: January 1. It’s time for the week-long party to come to a close. Today, we started to ease out of vacation mode by (yes) putting away the Christmas decorations and beginning the aforementioned Clean Sweep. The winter edition of the Clean Sweep, that is. We are also the proud owners of three newly installed ceiling fans. They are a vast improvement over their predecessors, in that they work. They also just look a whole lot better. We had taken the globe off of the one in our bedroom, because Kevin kept hitting his head on it, and so we were left with the always handsome bare bulb hanging in the center of the room. Ah yes: the coveted flophouse look. No more! It was such a good way to ring in the New Year, updating the house. Hooray for the resident handyman!

Hey, and it’s also the first day of Make Something Every Day month! Today, I actually made dinner. Normally that’s not much of a stretch, but I’ve gotten a little rusty while we were in vacation mode. I decided to ease back in with this recipe, except I subbed rigatoni for the fettucine and thawed frozen peas for the asparagus. The adults in the house did everything but lick their bowls; the younger member didn’t care so much for the goat cheese sauce. Hopefully, he’ll come around in time. Oh, and I stirred in some cubed ham. We’re currently working our way through a sweet honey-glazed ham; it’s being stirred into everything but our coffee.

Mmm…ham latte….


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  1. That recipe looks delicious! It’s definitely on my to-try list.


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