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Day 4

Yes, I skipped right over Day 3. The only thing I managed to create yesterday was a little bit of space, and not even enough to warrant a celebratory photo. The Fabric Re-Fold carried right on over into today, and was starting to become kind of discouraging. I mean, I was slicing and dicing all of these great fabrics last month (and several months before that), and the stacks were still piling high! After pulling out a few pieces that no longer seem to have project potential, and weeding out the pieces smaller than a half-yard, I did manage to completely clear two shelves. It’s not much, but at least it’s something.

I should have continued on this afternoon. Yes, “should have” is the operative phrase, but I felt like a creativity break was in order. Marble magnets, anyone? We have two magnetic bulletin boards in the kitchen, left by the previous owner. Sadly, we’re down to about five of the plastic magnets that came with the board, which are no match for the pictures I keep trying to arrange up there. They’re sliding all over the place, which looks terrible, plus there’s a whole new stack of pictures waiting to receive their place of honor. Sure, I could’ve bought some new magnets, but I knew that all the supplies (except the epoxy to attach the marbles, which I need to pick up tomorrow) were already stashed away in the miscellaneous craft tub from when I used to make these years (many years!) ago. And, sure, I could’ve busted said supplies out anytime over the past two years and solved this problem right then, but that didn’t happen. The projects that I’m in the mood to tackle at the moment are just like these magnets: ones that have been pushed aside for someday for whatever reason – there was no deadline, I couldn’t decide exactly what color/pattern/materials to use, it didn’t seem very important– and never seem to get done. Today’s special almost got the bump because I didn’t have the right kind of glue and wasn’t sure if the paper I had in my collection was just right, but you know what? We’re talking magnets here. The paper doesn’t have to be that right. Plus, I managed to complete the main part of the production without the glue, so there you go. Carpe diem!

The weather here is getting a little crazy again. Right now, it’s almost warmer outside than it is in the house, which I find irritating beyond belief. Time to heat up some coffee and see if I can thaw out again before it’s time to make dinner.


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