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There are so many ideas swirling around in my head, yet I’m having a problem committing them to paper. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the pressure of all of the resolution-making so prevalent this time of year. While I don’t embrace the typical “fix me” resolutions, I do love the whole idea of setting down goals and plans for the coming year on a nice, clean slate.

And yet….

So this paralysis is stimying my creativity a bit, but things are still getting done around here. Yesterday, I put together the table I’d ordered for the niche in our entryway. Of course, it’s too big and hangs out beyond the wall by a couple of inches, but I’m going to approach that whole issue as yet another creative challenge. It’s a good table, and I’m sick of looking for one that fits and isn’t flimsy. The table stays!

I also managed to select a few fabrics for the growing number of babies that have been coming into the world lately. OK, the flannel shelf is filled to the brim, and still I was having trouble making a decision. The problem? It’s all boy babies, and my boy flannels have all been ear-marked for my boy. Ridiculous, I know, for no other reason than I have no idea what all I plan to make for my poor kid from all of this flannel. Pajamas? We’re good on those. Quilts? How many does one kid need? Will I never again see fabric that I want to use for him? Yeah, I worked through all of these questions on my own time and managed to dip in to the stacks. Now the pieces are all washed and waiting to be pressed, cut, and sewn. One of my goals for this year is to make up a few sets of baby gifts, and maybe some wedding/housewarming ones, to have on-hand. The last time I stockpiled a bunch of receiving blankets, I didn’t have anything left to pair them with and ended up not using some of them. I think the set idea will work out better in the long run, and it will help compensate for my procrastinating nature. It will also most likely insure a year free from weddings/baby showers/housewarmings. That’s what happens when I get all puffed-up about my fine preparedness.

Hey, did you see what just happened? I wrote out one of my goals! Maybe the rest of them will cooperate and come trickling out.  


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