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Day 17: Same Time Next Year?

Look familiar?

In desperate need of a new way to corral the mail, I decided that the new entryway table would be a good place to set up operations. For this to work, I would need some sort of holder, maybe a box? Hang on—I know how to make fabric boxes! Yes, my InStitches Sew-Along experience came to the rescue once again. And, once again, this came together a lot faster than I remember with the first one. Of course, I don’t really have a clear recollection of why I decided I wouldn’t be making bunches of these the last time around, but I do know that I came away with that feeling. Well, I can still see why I wouldn’t make dozens of them at once, but I would definitely crank out another from time to time.

It’s strange how one little thing can change the look of an area so dramatically. You can’t see it well in this picture, but I added the green jug to the table and tucked in a couple of big leaves from the front yard (which was an idea I snagged from some magazine, though I don’t remember which one, but the leaves they were kind enough to recommend as a modern look for indoor decor happen to be ones which we have growing in abundance in our yard), and now that corner is the one spot in our home that has some style. Hey, it’s a start! I’m hoping it leads to bigger and better things, or even just remains the one surface in the house not to disappear under a pile of paper and such. Sure, it’s easy for one to say, “Um, so don’t stack a bunch of crap on that table”. I know this is the obvious, and practical, solution, but if we’re being obvious and practical, we’ll take into account that I’ve not managed to master this discipline in any area of my life. Yet.


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  1. Oooh, I like! So organized. You know what I did in our house that I think added some personality? I stacked a bunch of crap on a table! You must come over and see sometime! :o)

  2. Yes. The Stack of Crap was really bothering me in our office, so I made a hanging wall organizer with pockets, which is fine. But I never did manage to make the fabric boxes and then bought some when I was at Ikea and they are so NOT as cute as this.

    Oh well, sometimes Ikea saves me from myself. Who knows how mine would have come out.

  3. Your fabric box looks great. I haven’t attempted that project yet, but I also need something for my mail, and your box looks like the perfect solution.


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