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Day 21: Feel Free to Join Me on the Floor


I’m taking a step back here to share a project finished at the beginning of the week. There was enough light for about five minutes to get a decent shot, so here we are.

I’ve been talking about making floor cushions for the living room since we moved in two years ago. Personally, I’m more comfortable curling up on the floor when there’s a large group sitting around, even though this has horrified many a host who then rush around trying to find me a chair. I really do try to use the furniture now, but in my house, anything goes! Hey, have you noticed how expensive pillow inserts can be, though? Especially for anything over 18″, which is basically a throw pillow. Try perching on one of those bad boys and see how comfy you find it. Well, trust IKEA to come to the rescue with these beauties. Both the size and the price was right, so I picked up a couple…at least four months ago. It may have been six; who can say? All I know is that I had big visions of using some of the patchwork I’d pieced together (in my frenzied state) for summer ones, and I had the perfect Christmas-y jelly roll pack to make winter ones, but neither got even close to completion (which is to say: I never started them.)

Oh yes, that’s right: I intend to switch these out seasonally, because this sleek little number is equipped with a fine zipper in the back. If you have any hesitation when it comes to zippers, like I do, and want to make something similar, check out this tutorial. It’s wonderful—really. I had a little trouble understanding it until I had the fabric in my hands, which is pretty typical of the way I have to approach following written instructions, but once I got started, it all made perfect sense and was so easy. So easy!! Now if I could run into Joann’s and get the zipper for the next one at a time when there aren’t eight people in the checkout line, which seems entirely ridiculous for midday on a Tuesday, I could complete the set and then we’d be ready for the droves of visitors that stampede us. OK, well, maybe it would encourage us to invite people over for a change.

[Oh, and best of all? I managed to use up almost two pieces of fabric from the green division of my fabric empire. Woo hoo!]


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  1. I like! Pillows for our bed and living room were my January…February…okay, maybe winter project that I want to get done. Ikea…good to know! Now I’m really excited again. So maybe this spring or summer – I’m not sure…

  2. Thanks to the link to the zipper tutorial! I don’t know why, but adding a zipper to anything always freaks me out. It’s like my sewing achilles heel. Love the pillows, too – yeah IKEA!

  3. i love the colors in this fabric

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