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Day 24: Let the Adventure Begin!

Fellow participants (in Finny and Donk’s Sewing Adventure), you were starting to give me a little bit of a complex. I mean, the deadline isn’t until February 28, yet the scarves have already been making their appearances! And then I decided to give it a go, and now I know the secret: This really is a simple gift to stitch!

Seriously, once you decide on your fabrics and buttons, it’s smooth sailing. I almost added a few extra days to production, because I was a little scared of the buttonhole feature on my new sewing machine. [Oh, have I not mentioned the fine gift Santa, which is to say Mom, brought me this year? It’s so fantastic.] Turns out my fear was totally unfounded, and that step was done in all of ten minutes, which included me laboring over each individual instruction in the manual with a test scrap. Cha-ching! As for the fabric and button choices, I went for sort of a “Megan: Plain and Squat” look for Side A here

and then went all wild and crazy with a…slightly less subdued earth-toned plaid fleece for Side B.

Side A was pre-quilted, by the way. I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like this in the end; I certainly wasn’t going to kick it off with a couple hours of precision quilting. (Yes, I consider anything with intersecting straight lines “precision quilting”.) I added the topstitching, though, because it seemed to be getting a little too puffy for my tastes. The fabrics lend kind of a tailored look that seemed to call for more restraint than you’d use with, say, fluffy white faux fur.

Verdict? Fun and fast. I might just make another one before I forget how easy this was. Even if you realize a month from now that you didn’t get around to finishing this project, give it a go; there will still be plenty of time!

By the way, I found that this is a great time of year to pick up fleece remnants. When I was at the store a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a couple out of huge box of just fleece for about a buck a piece. Even a quarter yard will make a couple of these scarves or a bunch of tag blankets (which is what I’d originally had in mind, and will get around to eventually). Not that I’m suggesting you stock up or anything; moderation in all things, dontcha know.


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  1. That looks fantastic! I have been playing with the idea of quilting my scarf… we’ll see if I actually get around to it. The more scarves I see the more excited I am to make one too!

  2. Great fabic choices, I really like how this turned out!

    Waiting for my book to come – maybe I’ll get one of these made.

  3. Look at you with the pre-quilted love! Awesome. Good for you! Those are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you make out of the fleece.

  4. That’s a great looking scarf! I love the plaid/quilted combination.

  5. Ooh! Nice! And I’m glad to see that everyone’s finding this pattern truly “simple” enough to go for the reverse effect by adding buttons to both sides.

    And also thank you for reminding people that even if they wait until the very last moment, they can still get theirs in by 2/28. So fast!

  6. Your scarf is really lovely, I especially like the quilted effect on the reverse side. I read about your new sewing machine on Flickr, what a fantastic gift from your mother!

  7. Oooh! I like it. Mine is on the list this week – a birthday gift for my MIL. And I think I’ll go ahead and make up a few more for next Christmas now, instead of leaving it all until December 20th. 🙂

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