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And So it Begins


It’s time to kick off the 2008 Birthday Gift Season! First one up [of the children, that is; Happy Birthday, Aunt Chelly!] is our niece, who will be turning five in a few days. Since she’s having a Hello Kitty party, and I happened to know where to find a cute piece of Hello Kitty flannel, I thought it would be fun to make her a little quilt. And by little, I mean quick; quite frankly, I’m not up to the whole machine-quilting and binding thing just yet.

Ever since I started reading her blog, I’ve been amazed by the sheer number of quilts Amy turns out (I mean, seriously!), so I decided to take a page from her book and hand-finish this one. Not as frustrating as I’d expected! The hardest part was being on the floor for so long. I’ve tied quilts in the past, but the blocks on this one (14″) were too big and the ties would be too far apart to really hold everything together, so I hand-quilted diagonal lines going both ways across it. Oh, and rather than bind it, I treated it more like a receiving blanket and sewed around it and turned it right side out (with the batting in the middle, of course), then topstitched all the way around. I’ve used this method before for smaller playmats, and plan to again for everyday snuggly blankets like this one.

And the little bag sitting on top of it? Why, it’s a Kidlet, of course! Talk about a quick and easy project. I’m really pleased with the result. Of course, part of my pleasure in this particular one came from the fact that I didn’t have an exterior fabric that I liked…and then remembered the black and white dishtowels I had on-hand for, well, dishtowel projects. Hello! And I didn’t have any webbing, so I just made a strap out of the leftover pieces from the towel and sandwiched a piece of craft interfacing in the middle. Voila. Stick in a couple of treats and you’re off to the races.

I like the Kidlet so much that I want to make more to hang throughout the house. I don’t really know what I’d use them for in the main rooms, but they’re so cute hanging on a door or a peg. Til I figure out a purpose for them, though, I guess I’ll stick to cranking ’em out for the children. That will keep me plenty busy!


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  1. A Hello Kitty party sounds awesome! The quilt and kidlet look great. I like the colors you used. It’s nice to see that Hello Kitty doesn’t have to be always pink.


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