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Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Once again, let me say how happy I am that we are not constantly on the go. We had a moderately busy weekend, which was lots of fun, and I was exhausted by the end. Saturday kicked off with a birthday party at one of those places for kids with all the inflatable play equipment, and I did little but stroll around with my niece. Then we headed over to the nursery to look at plants (more strolling) and headed home to finish icing my cake for the next day’s church auction. Oh, and I made fried rice for dinner. Yes, this is my body’s idea of a strenuous day.

Ah, but the cake. I knew it was going well when my husband ran out of the kitchen to grab the camera. “Wait!”, he said. “You’re going to want to put this on your blog.” Well then. Anyway, it’s the Devil’s Food Cake with Mint-Chocolate Ganache from the MS Baking Handbook, except I used a mix for the cake. [Yes, that’s right, mix for the cake. My scratch cakes always end up coming out like discus’, and I wasn’t taking any chances.] The recipe for the ganache and the assembly is pretty much the same as this one here, except you add peppermint extract to the ganache and decorate it with chocolate leaves and fresh mint. I can’t believe we forgot to take a picture of the finished product; it actually looked like the one in the book! I was so excited. Sure, I was only able to make four chocolate leaves that didn’t crumble during the peeling stage, but still! Oh, and the ganache is really good, like a nice minty truffle. Definitely a keeper.

Then comes Monday. Still high from my culinary triumph, I decided to try making grilled polenta squares for dinner. Made the polenta in the morning, cut them into nice squares in the evening according to plan. Then Super Genius here throws them on the panini press to grill ’em up real nice. Delicious. Oh, but what do you know? The polenta returns to it’s semi-liquid state when heated and pressed, a fact to which I was alerted when it came glopping out the sides and onto the counter. Beautiful. Well, what are gonna do. I grabbed a spoon and started salvaging what I could from the press (but not the counter. Believe me—it’s still there). Soft polenta it is!

Seriously—I don’t know why I didn’t consult instructions of some sort before giving that one a whirl. I blame the cake.


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  1. I’m impressed that you even made polenta – I just buy it in the tube.

    But that cake- wow!

  2. So how much did your cake go for? It looks like perfection!

  3. Um, your hubby said, “Wait! Grab the camera?!” with that gorgeous cake in front of him.
    Now that is love.

  4. Your cake looks so smooth and perfect. My cakes never looks so great. I love ganache and now am pondering making something, anything using ganache.

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