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I’m so behind in so many ways. A couple of weeks ago, I was one of the lucky winners of Valori Wells’ new book. I finally realized the other day that I’d failed to make mention of my cool winnings, nor had I bothered to thank Valori once it arrived. OK, so let’s rewind a couple weeks and try again:

Hey, I won a giveaway! Valori Wells was offering up a few copies of her new book Oh Sew Easy Life Style, and now I have one of my very own. Thanks, Valori!

There we go. I feel a little bit better now.

Anyway, this book would be an especially great choice for someone who’s just starting out sewing; the techniques are easy to follow and the projects are really practical and cute. You know how I love practical when it comes to sewing! In fact, it was while flipping through this book that I was finally motivated to make some grocery bags once and for all.

Hey, it’s not like I’ve particularly enjoyed bringing the cloud of plastic bags into the house week after week. Just looking at them piling up is a reminder of how wasteful they are, not to mention tacky and annoying. My husband hates them, absolutely hates them. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the bag itself that he hates or the fact that I tend to leave them lying around still full for days on end. Regardless, the outcome is the same: he hates seeing them. And I’m lazy. Paper bags are better, sure, but I can’t carry four at one time, and that’s key. Ten years in a second story apartment has that habit ingrained within me. And . . . I’m not what you’d call a pioneer, which to me is the most awful part of all, but there you go. A few months ago, for the first time in the many years I’ve been grocery shopping, I saw a couple of other people bringing their own bags. Better yet, the baggers didn’t act like this was such an odd thing. These things matter to me. See? I know—it’s pathetic!

Then I also had the windfall of a whole bolt of the fabric (thank you, Mom) I used for the outer bag, and the easy new pattern at my fingertips, so I was out of excuses. Now I’ve finished six of the ten bags I cut, so I’m well on my way to being able to answer “Neither, thank you” when faced with the question of “paper or plastic?”

Now to see whether I can remember to keep them in the car.

The specs: I followed the pattern in Life Style for the embroidered version of the Grocery Tote, but made a couple modifications. I doubled the width of the handles, and also shortened them to 19 inches (from 25). The baggers at my store do not play; they load those bad boys to the max, so I wanted to give my brigade here a little extra sturdiness. I also boxed in the bottom of the straps for that reason. Also, since I was using 54″ wide fabric, I was able to use the pieces leftover after cutting out the bag itself for the handles, so that was a plus. I also left off the embroidery, but that’s because I wanted to crank these out quickly and there were so darn many of them.

So now I only have to finish the final four, but first I want to tackle some of the disarray lurking within my cupboards. I’ve had the bug to do this all week, but June’s post this morning lit a fire under me. I can’t imagine having hidden spaces that clear and open! Now that’s inspiring.


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  1. How wonderful that you won the new book and then had the blessing of fabric from your mother. Truly a bounty of blessings. Your market bags are really nice and will come in handy–great job!

  2. Grocery bags have been on my list for so long….. ::sigh:: I’m proud of you for getting to it. 😉

  3. Junie has a way of inspiring me to action too! Glad to see you are crafting and doing well. Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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