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As in: too lazy to bother with a picture today.

As in: too lazy to create anything worthy of said picture.

Actually, I’m not sure that “lazy” is the word I’m looking for, but none other comes to mind so it will have to do. Uninspired, perhaps? Yeah…that might be closer to the mark. Yesterday was the real lazy day (but guess what? I couldn’t manage to chronicle it so here we are a day later. Case in point!). I did manage to read most of a book, and since the boy was cooperating, that was pretty much the meat of the day.

Oh, and we did go to the post office to mail the bills and movie.

For some reason, when my brain goes into hibernation like this, I tend to want to do two things (in theory): bake, and sew things that I’ve already made before. I had the sudden urge to crank out some potholders, mostly because I was inspired by something I saw on some kitchen linens in Target last week. But wait: do I need any potholders? Is anyone getting married in the next six months? No? Then it might not be the best time to stock up on them. What I need to do is work on the baby gift that I need for a shower next week, but that’s next week, so…. Yeah—best not to rush right in. And as for the baking, well, that’s not in anyone’s best interest either. I parse out portions for anyone within reach right away, and still I end up eating most of the goods myself. Slowly, mind you, over the course of several days, yet cake twice a day (for several days) is still a heck of a lot of cake. Besides, I couldn’t bake from the couch, so that was out, too.

I’ve started a list, though, so my hopes are high for next week. Yes, I’m already looking to next week; it’s going to be that kind of week, I can tell.

Hey, this brings me to sort of an off-topic question, though. What kind of things do you like to prepare when you’re bringing a meal to another family/household/what have you? For that matter, what types of meals are you happy to receive? I ask this because I have a little bit of a panic attack when I think of preparing meals for other people. I mean, I like to cook, other people have liked things I’ve made, but if I don’t know the family all that well…it makes me really nervous. In fact, I shy away from doing it at all except when it comes to family, even though I’d like to. So come on—dish about your favorite dish!


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  1. 🙂 We’ve all had that, “Why can’t I have another slice and not have to get off the couch” kinda moment. Hope your week turns around and you are soon feeling more inspired!

    My go-to casserole dish is spinach enchiladas. I make them with sour cream and some times grilled chicken. They always go over well. I stock up on those disposable metal pans with plastic lids at the grocery when they go on sale because I can’t tell you how many casserole dishes I have floating about in never-to-be-returned land.

  2. I sometimes think I get more and more lazy the more blogs I read . Everyone else seems to be so productive and I take weeks to finish even a simple cushion cover. Personally I think the problem is that I would like to have 28 hours in a day whilst everyone else has only 24, thus giving me 4 extra hours to catch up.

    I’m here reading gorgeous blogs like yours because I can’t face going back and untangling the chaos that ought to be a neat sock 😆

  3. You know me! If it’s cold outside, I do a hearty soup (homemade chicken noodle or chicken white bean chili), and some good crusty bread. If it’s hot, fancy “man size” sandwiches (taco turkey or chicken caesar on ciabata bread are always a hit) plus a bag of fancy chips. Both are fairly easy meals to make, and keeping them the right temp while transporting them is not too difficult.

  4. I also tend to go for soup and homemade bread, although so many people bring dinner-y type things, that sometimes I go for breakfast: bran muffins, banana bread, cinnamon rolls.

    When we first found out my dad had cancer people brought a lot of meals since we were frequently eating on the run. I always loved it when people prepared multi-course meals, however simple- ie. a pot of lentil soup, cheese and bread, salad, and a couple cookies.

    Chicken pot pie can be nice too. Sorry to run on… I think a lot about food these days. 🙂


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