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Yet again, I marvel at how it tends to be the smallest things that take so much longer than they should. My turtley friend here is the latest example. He should be done, but no; he’s still two steps away from completion. Two steps and probably two days, and we’re talking I only need to stitch on some eyes and sew up his underbelly. [The turtle pattern is another from Bend-the-Rules Sewing, by the way. It really is easy–there’s no reason it’s taken more than a day to complete–but I will caution you to read through all the instructions before diving in. I screwed up the head the first time around, and would’ve caught my error had I done more than just skim before I started sewing. Argh!]

Aside from slow-moving sewing projects, I’ll tell you what else I’ve been enjoying again: reading through my old childhood favorites. [Plug #54 for the wonders of the library.] In the last couple of batches, I re-visited the last two of the Little House series and A Wrinkle in Time. It’s amazing how much more appreciation I have for all three as an adult. I remember loving Madeleine L’Engle’s books the first time around (at about eleven, I think), but I’m pretty sure that the whole spiritual theme was completely lost on me. And I’ll tell you what, if you want to really appreciate the luxuries to which we’ve become accustomed in this day and age, read the Little House books. The woman had a total of four dresses, and she busted out the fancy brown poplin each and every Sunday. Not only that, but as much satisfaction as I get from making something I can actually wear, I cannot imagine having to make my own clothes. From the sounds of it, they just drafted up a pattern for a fairly complicated dress (by my standards, at least), bought an armload of poplin and went to work. And preparing the food! Seriously, reading Laura’s accounts was a humbling experience for this modern, shortcut-seeking housewife.


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  1. Your turtle friend is so cute! Love him!

  2. oh, the things we can learn from pa and halfpint.

  3. What a sweet turtle! Let us know when you name him! Or her, somehow turtles always seem to be “hims.”

    LHOP books are like comfort food aren’t they? Makes me want to slap on some lemon verbena perfume!

  4. I have not been able to read a grown-up novel in years, but I have loved re-vising LHOP and all the Narnia books.

    Farmer Boy was the one that really made me appreciate modern conveniences – and I really thought that book was boring when I was a kid. Almonzo’s mom was actually WEAVING the fabric so that she could make his brother’s academy uniform that he wouldn’t need for another year and a half. I’ve never woven anything bigger than a potholder.

  5. Is that Michael Miller’s ginger blossom fabric? I’ve bee eyeing that collection!

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