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He can see!

Yes, I finally got around to the oh-so-difficult task of stitching some eyes on the poor little turtle. Then he was able to take his rightful place with some other little gifts in the coordinating Kidlet, and off we went to my friend’s baby shower.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy showers, because I actually do, if only in theory. I just find it really hard to talk myself into going. Unless I know the majority of the guests, I find showers to be kind of awkward affairs. You’re usually circled around in a bunch of straight-backed chairs, clutching your glass of punch (or is that just me?) and doing your level best not to drop your plate of chips and dip face down on the hostess’ floor. That’s what Saturday afternoon was like. At least there weren’t any games. And it was on my side of town, which is like unto a miracle in itself, and I was very happy to celebrate with my friend, which is the whole point anyway. And truly, does it really matter whether or not I got to see if she liked the bag that I tried really hard to coordinate with her nursery set, which I was only able to view in a thumbnail online? Of course not, and that’s a good thing seeing as how her husband pulled all of the contents out of the little bag and left it stuffed in the gift bag under the tissue. Not that I cared or anything, because that would be pretty unseemly. I’m just trying to paint you a complete picture here….

Oh! And you know how I was looking for excuses to make one of these Kidlets for myself? Well, when I hung this one on the banister post to take the picture, I realized that I could use one there to gather up all the little stuff that needs to make its way back up the stairs at the end of the day. Perfecto! The current system involves just stacking it on the stairs, where my devoted little helper usually gathers it all back up and re-distributes it throughout the living room. If said stuff was hidden within a bag, I would at least have a fighting chance at getting it up the stairs. Of course, the catch is going to be seeing whether or not I utilize this method effectively, or whether I’ll keep stuffing it to the brim day after day until it spills over. Who can say?

I’ve been bitten by Heather’s spring cleaning bug. For real this time. I’ve already started on the kitchen cupboards, but that’s a story within itself. Yes, I really did just say that the rearrangement of my kitchen cupboards is worthy of its own story; surely this comes as no surprise to you, considering some of the things I’ve deemed “story-worthy” in the past.


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  1. So, so, sooo cute! I know I’ve been pitching Bean’s stuffed animals, but I don’t think this little guy would count. Seeing as though he doesn’t have germ magnet fur…I’m just saying…

  2. You are too good! That bag and your little turtle friend are adorable!!!

  3. See – that is really really cute. And so extra thoughtful to match a handmade gift to the stuff they already have. THAT is a nice gift. But I totally know your pain about slaving over something to make it “special” and “just right” and “perfect” just to watch it get stuffed back into the box/bag and put with the other “inferior because they are storebought and totally impersonal gifts.”

    Or, you know, whatever.

    Either way I’m making a turtle. So cute.

  4. Your gift is so sweet and thoughful. It looks super cute on your banister, you should definitely make one for yourself. I’m right there with you on the shower stuff. WAY too stressful! I’m a huge clutz so the whole dip on the floor thing is totally in character for me.

    Join the Bend-the-Rules Sewing Swap!

  5. As I just returned a few minutes ago from getting my annual eye checkup, I can testify to the importance of eyes. So, it’s good that your adorable creation can now see.

    Your thoughts about showers in general makes me smile as they echo my own. I always end up feeling like a clumsy oaf and the hostess’ floor always has evidence I’ve attended.

    Yep, spring cleaning. I started this before I got sick. I’m now at the cheating stage since I fractured my ribs with the crazy coughing. I had my windows professionally cleaned last Thursday. Next Monday I’ve hired Merry Maids to do the deep cleaning and the carpet cleaner folks come on Tuesday. Except for a few cabinets and three closets, my spring cleaning will be done. I’m trying hard not to be ashamed that I can’t do the cleaning myself right now. But whatever works, right?

  6. that is me at every party. I find I am the life of the party…unless I’m at one. Only difference is I’m more like liss in that, we wouldn’t even have the chips (fear of eating in public and all)


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