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So…March Is Over, You Say?

Aw, good riddance. I’m a little bit sad, though, because in the blur that was last month, I neglected to join up with my fellow adventurers and complete my table runner. Y’all know I’ve never missed a challenge, but I guess never is a mighty long time.

I say that, but the whole truth is this: I just wasn’t feeling this project. And I tried—oh, how I tried. At least half a dozen times I perused the stack of suitable fabrics and waited for that little spark of inspiration to strike. But…it never did. Well, whaddya gonna do? It’s a new month and a new project. I’ve even been meaning to make myself another apron, so maybe I can get it together this time around.

On a more positive note, I did FINALLY complete this little number:

Yes, that would be a backyard blanket I pieced back in ’06. Pieced and packed into a plastic container until I could come up with a back for it. Thanks to Mom’s famous bolt o’ fabric, a single-piece back was born and I whipped this puppy together and hand-quilted it with perle cotton while watching TV. Done and done.

Do you know what makes this project my favorite in recent memory? I’ll tell you: When I was laying out the top on the floor, the boy came along and said “What is it? Is it a picnic blanket?” YES! Yes, it is a picnic blanket, Young Genius. “Is it for me?!” Right again! “That is very cool!”

Mind you, we’re talking about a child who could have cared less about his personalized Christmas quilt a few short months ago, but this he finds exciting. Maybe the value of handmade goodness is finally getting to him, or maybe it’s starting to register that 75% of the stuff Mama makes heads straight out the door. Hey, I don’t care which it is-I’m thrilled that he noticed at all!


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  1. I’m excited about that picnic blanket! Why shouldn’t he be?
    And I know about the sewing adventure. I even STARTED a runner, but didn’t manage to finish. And the apron: meh. Now if I can make an apron for F&D, Tie one One and a Christmas in Progress, I can get behind that.

  2. I don’t blame you on the runner. While it’s nice to have on the table, I”m still a little *flah* about the whole thing. Maybe because I did it wrong.

    The apron though, I’m excited about. The one full apron I have is a boring canvas beige, so this is my chance to make one that hides stains a little more easily and also isn’t ugly.

  3. Aw, now I want photos of that picnic! Good for you for finishing that baby. It is very pretty.


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