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The World Will Always Need Totes


I think I’d mentioned a while back that I had the urge to return to some tried and true sewing projects. As luck would have it, the road rose up to meet me in the form of a birthday gift for one of the only kids Joey knows who doesn’t already have a tote bag made by his mama. Love when that happens. So this peppy, preppy number will be on its way to one of his little friends this weekend. I was trying to make it slightly larger than ones I’d made in the past for pre-schoolers, who (as we know) tend to drag around a whole mess of stuff. Er…I ended up going a little too large, though; this one’s just about the same as I would make for an adult. Well, live and learn.

Please also note the covered button in the center of the flower, there. Yes, I’m ridiculously pleased with this detail! Know why? Because I thought that it would be hard to make, and it totally was not. Yes, I’m letting the cat out of the bag: Covered buttons are easy! (Oh. I’m the only one that didn’t realize this?) I bought the kit ages ago, and left it on the shelf thinking it would be fussy and frustrating. Had I only read the back of the package, I’d have known that it takes all of two minutes, and that’s if you’re taking your sweet time figuring out twice the diameter of the button, which I did, because these kind of [basic mathematical] concepts confound and temporarily stun me.

It’s still a bit surreal for me to think about my little man having friends of his own. You have to understand, it’s only been a couple of weeks since he would stare at me blankly when I asked him about who he played with in the church nursery all morning. Now he’s meeting and greeting people, talking about his “very best friend” this and “she is my buddy” that. Mind you, I’m thrilled, but it’s still sort of strange. How did my baby suddenly turn into a kid?


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  1. The tote is wonderful and big is always useful. Making our own covered buttons has opened so many avenues of fun in our sewing. Any excuse to make one delights me now that I know how to do it, too.

    It is so amazing to see our babies grow. One day they’re gurgling baby talk at you and the next they’re regaling us with their stories of the world.

  2. It’s adorable Meg!

  3. That is super cute. I haven’t tried a fabric covered button yet……..hmmmmmmm……….

  4. You probably didn’t even need to do all that complicated math to calculate the size of the circle of fabric needed…usually on the back of the package is a template you can cut out that’s the perfect size you need.

  5. Love, love, love the fabrics! So happy!

    Boo! He is not a big kid yet…I refuse to accept that! :o)

  6. Beautiful bag!

  7. Super, super cute. You know what? I’ve totally been debating what to make two April birthday girls and you just solved it. This is perfect! THank you.

  8. So cute, love the colors, and thanks for the “covered button” encouragement! I need to try that soon also!

  9. Gorgeous bag! What kid wouldn’t love it and appreciate that level of detail?
    And that transformation to kid-dom. Freaky, isn’t it?

  10. i felt the same way about covered buttons to start with!fun arnt they!i have a covered button snap kit now that is alittle scary!love the tote!


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