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Oops, I Did It Again

So did I just go a whole week without posting? Seriously?

It’s not like I wasn’t here. Oh, I was here. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated in general lately, so my new goal is to not turn every little thing into such a big deal. For example: When I need to bake something for dessert or to take to a party, it doesn’t need to be slated as an all day event, seeing as how it only takes maybe an hour. Or watering the plants, a fifteen minute chore. “Aw, but I have to drag out the hose, and then tromp through the sago palms to turn on the water. It’s too hard.” Yeeesss…very hard. So when I catch myself sinking into a chair instead of actually accomplishing something, I remind myself that it’s not that big of a deal and get moving. So far, it’s been working a little! (Sadly, doing stuff and then talking about it in a timely fashion turned out to be too much, hence the neglected blog, but it’s a new week, right?)

Since we’re playing catch-up here, today’s focus will be on kitchen stadium:

  • Baked up a batch of these Black-Bottom Coconut Bars for Craft Night. These make for a tasty little morsel, and, if you have a bag of coconut in the on-hand, you could probably bake ’em up tonight. You know I’m always looking for a good pantry-item recipe!
  • Still more banana bread. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this recipe with you before, but it really is a good one. I substitute plain nonfat yogurt for the buttermilk, and stir in some chocolate chips right before dumping it in the pan. Oh, and let it sit in the pan for five minutes before turning it out on a rack; it might split otherwise. This definitely falls in the not-such-a-big-deal category. They don’t call it quick bread for nothing (although you might not want to make it at night, seeing as how it takes an hour to bake. I was falling asleep waiting for it to cool one of the times I made it.)
  • My first gardening success! I planted two Italian parsley transplants a few weeks ago, and it has already started to get a little overgrown. The other night, when I was trying to come up with a dinner that I could whip up without a trip to the store, I realized that I had the fixins on-hand for Winter “Pesto“! No surprise, since it’s an Orangette recipe, but this one is a winner. And, hey—I bet you guys even know how to read and won’t make the same mistake I did, which was to use 2 cups of almonds rather than 2 Tbs. Oh, yes. Two cups of almonds. Almonds are not bread cubes, Friends; when you grind them up, they don’t crumb down to nothing. And sadly, when I’m following a recipe (if you can call it that, considering I couldn’t read simple English in this case), the reasoning part of my brain turns right off and refuses to pipe up with such helpful information such as, “How could a cup of parsley be enough to off-set this huge bowl of pulverized almonds? Doesn’t that seem odd?” Yeah, that would have been good…before I threw in the rest of the ingredients. Instead, I just plowed ahead. So I actually made two batches; the first went in the trash – because the plants were overgrown, but come on! – and the second one was delicious.

Those were the highlights. Next up: I did manage to crank out a tiny bit of sewing. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that big of a deal, either.


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  1. Those Black bottom coconut bars sound really good, but the link doesn’t work.

  2. I must try that banana bread recipe! (Your link to the cocunt bars doesn’t work). Your creations sound delicious!

  3. 2 cups!! You should rename it $10 almond pesto!” Ha!

  4. Mmm… certainly wish I was closer and could scoop you up for an afternoon of gossip and shopping. Or just walking. Or just sitting on our butts drinking coffee.
    And you’d have to bring some of that bread.


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