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April Showers

On to the sewing (what little there’s been.) Yes, this was totally in keeping with my new mantra, despite my best efforts to make appliqueing a dishtowel complicated. I’m telling you: I spent days trying to decide on fabric combinations and a design. Days. Finally, two days before the bridal shower, I decided on going with a trio of patches on each one and then it was off to the races. As luck would have it, the wedding invite arrived that week, and it turns out the fabric (and the book – how d’ya like that?) matches the invitations. Well, alright! I sewed the patches on by machine, and then hand-stitched the white details on the flowers. It was supposed to mimic the grosgrain ribbon that was wrapped around the invitations [see the benefit of procrastinating? How would I have known about that ribbon if the gift had been totally finished already?], but I’m not sure it was a very effective touch. Either way, it’ll hold the flowers in place, so it did the trick.

The book, by the way, was one of my favorites from last year. I was late to the Everyday Food party, so I didn’t have most of these particular recipes already, and we’ve enjoyed several of the meals. I like to cook, and was still almost paralyzed by the pressure of coming up with enough dinner ideas to get us past the first week of marital bliss. So I’m a fan of giving out practical cookbooks for wedding gifts. When I remember, that is. Sometimes I get all wrapped up in trying to find something on the registry and forget that I have other ideas. Of course, most recipients probably prefer that you stick to their carefully selected registry items, but where’s the fun in that? A friend of mine recently (and boldly, might I add) told the mom-to-be at her shower, “It may not be what you want, but it’s what you need.” Hey-oh! Truth be told, though, she was right. I need to elaborate on that, but we’re talking about weddings here and not baby showers, so I’ll save the rest of that tale for later. I usually try to go with kind of a best of both worlds by combining something handmade with a registry item, but after about ten minutes of fruitless searching for a good companion gift, I ditched the paperwork and moved on. Sadly, the words “available online only” are like poison in the eyes of the week-ahead shopper, and anyone who knows me realizes that overnight shipping is simply not an option.

Looking at this picture again, I can clearly see the imprint left by the embroidery hoop. The imprint that I told myself was barely visible after I’d smoothed it with my (not steaming hot) hand before I folded them and placed them in the box. Ah, yes. That’s craftsmanship, Friends.


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  1. Ok, so how could I have missed those towels at the shower? Way cute!


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