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I barely have the words to describe how happy I am about the renovations we kicked off this week. This is a view of (what was formerly) the worst part of our backyard, as far as the untamed wilderness aspect goes. Here’s a picture of what it looked like after we cleared out all of the leaves last spring, for comparison:

 What a difference some pruning and mulch can make, right?  And it doesn’t stop there. Oh no—our new best friend, the handyman, also spruced up the front. If you hadn’t seen it before, it probably wouldn’t wow you even now, but for us, well, I imagine it’s what it must feel like when you drive up to a brand-new home for the first time. Seriously, our yard didn’t look this nice when we bought the house. I’m thrilled!

Next up: a new kitchen sink, a brand new tiled shower stall (to replace the one that the plumber told us was actually, literally, suited to a trailer, and that has been leaking into the laundry room, which would be fine by me were it not for my fear that the whole structure was going to go crashing through the floor mid-shower), and–maybe most exciting of all–the powder room is going to be finished! With a sink and trim on the walls, like a real room! I’m bursting, I tell ya!

As for the yard, we plan to gravel the side yard and the pathway between the mulched beds, and then we also need to add bull rock around the perimeter of the house as yet another flood precaution. I really can’t take too many more surprise ponds in the living room, and even though we’ve had a good run since the new(est) drains were put in last year, you can’t be too careful. Then I want to add some patio furniture and a grill, and maybe some sort of magical forcefield to keep out the mosquitoes. The idea of sitting in the sweltering yard and having delicious cookouts is all very romantic, but the blasted bugs are a reality that can’t be ignored. I won’t let them crush my beautiful summer dream yet, though! We’re going to sit out there, and we’re going to grill, and we’re going to like it!

We will be poor this summer, yes, but we will also be proud. And happy. And relieved to actually be doing the stuff that needs to be done around here (or, in this case, paying someone better equipped to handle it) instead of just agonizing over it for yet another year. Happy days are here again.



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