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Further Proof That Motherhood Turns You Into a Complete Sap

My son, the artistic genius, was very carefully drawing circles with his blue crayon the other day while I made a grocery list. Little did I know that the finished product would include his first batch of happy faces (well, that I’ve seen in his work, at least.)

Come on—are you telling me that you wouldn’t have gotten a little choked up, and then saved it to show his dad, and then scanned the picture (and posted it on the internet) so that it could be admired in all its glory forever and ever? Are you made of stone?

I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, but there it is, the painful truth: motherhood really will turn you into a complete sap.


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  1. That”s a perfectly normal response, in my opinion! Exactly what I would have done 🙂
    Love those sweet little faces!

  2. Okay, that is too cute…but ooo ma ma ma…I’m telling Mikey you’re a sap!

  3. Now begins his artistic adventure! I must say that he is very meticulous when drawing circles – a very steady hand. And to make you feel better, I haven’t EVER seen smiley faces on his pictures in the nursery!

  4. Your a good mom! I’m sure you will be the best encouragment to him as he grows. I have a whole box, one for each of my kids that I stick little things like that into it for keeping.

  5. My daughter just started drawing faces and people and other recognizable things a few months ago as well, and I totally got teary-eyed. I took a pic of her first one with my camera phone and sent it to her daddy!


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