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2008: A Cake Odyssey

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I wish I could say that the cake obsession faded after a day or two, but no. If anything, it only grew in strength, so what choice did I have but to get baking? So come Thursday, that’s what I did.

Since I was finally going to crack open In the Sweet Kitchen, it seemed like the most logical choice would be to start with an easy recipe. All-in-the-Pan Chewy Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Icing was the perfect confidence builder. The name pretty much says it all: you mix the batter up right in the baking dish and then it’s off to the races. [Kathy posted a link to her family’s favorite birthday cake, which is essentially the same cake, except it includes a poured icing rather than a buttercream.] The resulting cake was every bit as presentable as one from a mix (high standards, I know), and even more delicious. It’s not a fancy, decadent dessert, but it is a tasty treat and it did strike me as the kind of thing you’re mom might give you as an extra special after-school snack. Maybe that’s why I felt the need to have a piece at around three every afternoon until it was gone, I don’t know. Oh, and this would also be a good one to whip up if you were bringing a meal to a friend, since you could mix and bake it in one of those disposable pans and send it on its merry way.

I didn’t alter a thing this time around, but I think I might add a pinch more cocoa to the frosting in the future. For that matter, the icing that Kathy makes for hers sounded pretty delish; I might sub that in next go-around.

Next cake on the docket: Pecan Toffee Coffee Cake. I’m working my way up to the S’mores Roulade, but I don’t want to get too cocky here.


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  1. I love to bake cakes but we don’t really eat them at my house. I just make them and then give them to my neighbords to satisfy my baking urges. Recently I bought a how-to cake decorating book and am going to try it out–just for the pure fun of it. My neighbors are all gaining weight; I hope they don’t want me to move.

  2. Man, reading about cake you’ll never taste is sheer torture. Hope you are doing well! Sounds like it. 🙂

  3. Landon’s in here with me and just read the name of your cake. He is drooling!!!


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