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Deadlines prove to be my friend once again. These are a few shirts/onesies that I embellished and popped in the mail (um, yesterday) for Kelli’s project. There was one more that I started, but it turned out to be way too elaborate and it’s still not finished. In that respect, the deadline worked against me. Well, procrastination and short-sightedness were definitely more at fault, to be honest.

The fact that I didn’t include cards for the recipients, nor did I list my return address on the mailing envelope, well, for that I’ll point the finger at loss for words and brain fog. No matter. They’re done and mailed and were so much fun to make. Thanks, Kelli, for letting us participate, and thank you, Michelle, for hosting the awesome Craft Day that allowed me so much uninterrupted time to make them. Craft Days rule!

And yes: a couple of days have passed, so I’ve made yet another cake. More about that in the next installment.


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  1. They turned out so cute!!! Love the lion.

  2. Your offerings are adorable and will be much appreciated. I, too, was blessed with being part of this project and had a lot of fun making my own t-shirt gifts.

  3. It is a really good thing that Lion shirt isn’t my size because I wouldn’t be able to resist! LOVE these. Thank you a thousand times over. 🙂

  4. You did a GREAT job on these T-shirts. Wow!

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