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I mentioned, and made (and, um, ate a goodly portion) this cake last week, and then totally didn’t bother to share the results as promised. (I did, for the record, share more than half the cake itself with others, which offers me a small measure of comfort.) Ooh, this was a goodie. With a name like Pecan Toffee Coffee Cake, how could it be wrong? And I’m not even a superfan of pecans, but they’re kind of hard to avoid with most coffee cakes. It’s that or walnuts, and believe me: you won’t find walnuts in anything coming out of this kitchen. Blech. Anyway, half of the toffee pieces are stirred into the batter, and the rest are incorporated into the streusel. I’ll admit, as much as I love a rich cake, I was a little leery of a recipe which included a swirl of  candy, cocoa, and espresso powder [leery, but not really put off all that much, to be perfectly honest], but no need for concern. The result was a very nice cake, maybe a little dry due to my tendency to slightly over bake, and a not-too-sweet-but-very-delicious filling. After a couple of days, it was even better: less dry and even more flavorful. Of course, a couple days beyond that, it returned to its dry state and I was glad to see it go. Nevertheless, this one was a winner. Score another one for In the Sweet Kitchen!

Believe it or not, I didn’t bake one thing this week. No, I’ve been feasting on waxy Hostess treats and ice cream sandwiches instead. Such a classy gourmet, right? Ah, yes.

We have another jam-packed weekend ahead, which is not at all the way I like to roll. Next weekend, we are actually having our garage sale, and I cannot wait. Well, I cannot wait for it to be over, because I hate having garage sales, but I’m totally thrilled by the prospect of clearing out the “I’m saving it for our garage sale” boxes and, for that matter, the garage itself, which is becoming a wasteland of discarded small housewares. We’ve already agreed that everything must go, so we won’t be holding onto the (most likely still full) boxes of stuff for the next sale. No next sale. Everything.must.go.

Hey, and the creative/sewing portion of my brain suddenly woke up and I’m brimming with projects and ideas again. Hopefully, I’ll have some stuff to share next week.

Hope you have a great weekend, Friends!


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