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One or the Other

This title pretty much sums up the past week: I could either get things done, or write about them, but I could not do both. Oh, I made plenty of time to read about what everyone else out there was up to, but somehow lacked the wherewithal to bring anything to the party (so to speak.) I’m going to place partial blame on my unborn. Cooking up a kid has its physical toll, sure, but did you know that it also saps valuable brain power? Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

[Those of you that are locals already know the specs, but for the rest of my friends here: We’re expecting this new one around the first week of November, and we cannot yet refer to its gender because this is apparently a very modest child who refused to show us the goods during Friday’s ultrasound. Not like I was wondering or anything. No….]

Also, getting back to the title there, I could either sew or clean, but I couldn’t effectively complete both. I think you know which one I chose.

Receiving blanket and burp cloths for the new little guy born to the wife of Kevin’s friend from work,


 and a crayon roll and backpack for his big brother.

Since this was one of the rare baby gifts that I wouldn’t be giving to someone Heather and I both know, I was finally able to make some of the cute burp cloths that are one of her signature gifts. (Actually, these are more like version 1.0 of her cloths, seeing as how she’s moved on to some very sassy applique numbers.) Thanks for the inspiration! For the backpack, I followed the instructions here combined with one that was featured in an old Martha Stewart Good Ideas for Kids (or something like that) because I wanted to line it. Quick, easy, and fun. Oh, and a personal victory: I sewed binding around the edge of the blanket without destroying it or anything else, which is to say, without throwing a tantrum. Huzzah! Sure, it took ten times longer than you would think looking at such a thing, but that’s totally beside the point. And I used up some of my prized Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric, and I didn’t even cry. I may have clung to it a little, yes, but can you blame me?

Phew. OK, that’s all I have to say about that. I also made a quilt last week; more on that later. 


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  1. Congratulations!!!! (And the gifts are so cute!)

  2. Congratulations! I hope that your magical adventure of “cooking up a baby” (LOL) will be a gentle one for you, with God’s blessing and protection.

    Your gifts are just adorable — the backpack & roll so thoughtful. I absolutely love the fabric! But oh that familiar torture of using up treasured fabric; I admire your foritude in making that sacrifce!

  3. I love it!!! I know you were cranking it out last week, and I can’t wait to see the quilt!!!!

  4. Girl you gots some Juicy Jungle. I think it’s dream fabric, and I love the bags that you made. Wonderful!!!! How have you been?!

  5. the above comment (#5) was from me… Lizzy. Still jealous of the juicy jungle.

  6. Miody Manuka – In any other case, it’s only a candy substitute for the actual thing – pure, raw and organic natural honey.


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