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You Get What You Need

I feel like I mentioned this before, about the time that I was at a baby shower and my friend informed our other friend, the honoree, that she didn’t even look at her registry because she was going to just get her the stuff she really needed anyway. (I can’t find where I posted that, but I’m going to pick up that thread again here because it seems to fit.) And, since to my ears it sounded akin to saying, oh, something along the lines of “You’re an idiot and can’t be trusted to make a sensible choice” [except, from this particular friend, anyone who knows her wouldn’t have taken offense. She is, after all the one that told me the straight truth about breastfeeding: “Nobody tells you how horrible it is for the first few weeks, but stick with it and it should get better”, which turned out to be wise words indeed], it was a little bit of a shocking statement. But, once her gift was opened, I saw that we actually share the same sensibility; I guess I was just less in touch with the reasoning behind it. Her gift was almost identical to my standard package right after I had Joey: laundry detergent, a favorite baby wash, diapers, and a couple of other things. And it was extra lucky that I got that reminder, because I’d totally forgotten about my standard first baby gifts! The memory, she is not so good these days. Sorry, Brenda. Just be glad I didn’t stick you with the diaper bag I was making you, which ended up being nothing but a hot mess. Yeah, believe me, you’re welcome.

When it comes to wedding gifts, I usually try to pick up something from the registry and build the rest of the gift around it, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been trending more and more toward the utilitarian. This may be directly linked to the fact that I’ve been weeding out so many of our own things, including items we carefully selected in our own registry, and can’t stand to pile a bunch of this-will-probably-be-useless stuff on some other unsuspecting young dreamer. And that leads us to what we have here:

Possibly the most utilitarian grouping to date. Oh, come on, agree with me: What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in usefulness, right? And the scrub brush and replacement heads there, which happens to be one of my most favorite kitchen tools, were on the registry. And the couple likes fiestaware, so I tried to coordinate the embellishment on the towels with that flavor, you know, to add the personal touch. And am I the only one that blazes through dishtowels? When we got married, we got two packages of four and I thought that was great, because I’d be able to keep one aside for when the others wore out. Instead, I’ve been wearing them all threadbare at a steady clip. You can’t have too many. Anyway, I also tucked some dish soap and microfiber cleaning cloths into the sturdy little bowl, which could be used on the table, sure, but I included it as a garbage bowl. Hey, that’s one tip that I picked up from Rachael Ray that is a definite keeper: Always have a garbage bowl nearby when you’re cooking. I wish I didn’t have to be told to do something as simple as that, but there you go – I did, and now I feel terribly efficient every time I use it.

I only hope that the recipients weren’t completely underwhelmed when they opened it, but I wouldn’t blame them if they were. Still, I bet they’ll use it! Or they can take most of it back; nothing wrong with that either.

OK, so moving on, I have more projects going than you can shake a stick at right now. Tomorrow I hope to share the gift I made for my niece, because I love it! (Not to make too much of it, Liss, because it’s a small gift. But I love it!) We are still on semi-lockdown due to the training exercises the boy is currently undergoing, which is still sapping my strength, but I’m doing my best to overcome it. Kev ended up being out on the road for most of the week, which made it seem like a very long week indeed. On the upside, it did allow me to leave the laundry piles in the entryway overnight without guilt, and spread my sewing all over the living room and bed without disturbing anyone at all. Not to give you the idea that our normal living arrangement is all that different. It’s not, but I have to look for the silver lining where I can. Oh, and the boy and I sure can stretch a dinner. We’d rather have Daddy at the table, but if he could not be in attendance, well, at least I didn’t have to cook every night! See? That’s a nice sliver of silver lining right there.


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  1. Hear, hear for the registry items!


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