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Brand New Bag

So June is rapidly coming to a close, much to my shock, and time was running out to finish my niece’s birthday gift. The one I originally had planned was not coming together in a timely enough fashion, which was totally frustrating. Then, lo and behold, the fabulous new Pimp Stitch posted this free pattern and another idea was born: a pajama bag to go with the pajamas I just happened to pick up last month in an attempt to get ahead (which is further proof that trying to get ahead still won’t prevent these last-minute sewing marathons). Eureka! This pattern was totally perfect for Christine, considering how many pictures there are of her, both asleep and awake, in festive headgear. I was ridiculously excited about this idea. Anyway, in typical fashion, I selected the colors for the embroidery and completed the whole thing before I even started looking for fabric. Because surely I’d be able to find something suitable in the overflowing stacks, right? Yeah, that only took the better part of two days. I must have gone through half a dozen combos before I put this one together. It was only after I pulled all of the fabrics and stacked them that I realized they were all part of the same Summer in the City collection. [The blue houndstooth print was used for the lining as well as the drawstring.] Funny how they all just “happened” to go together…. Oh, and as for the stripe? Well, that was still sitting in the envelope in which it was delivered two weeks ago, and I’d totally forgotten about it. But see? I did need it! Completely justifiable impulse buy. What? It was on clearance!

Here’s another shot of the bag, staged to demonstrate it’s fine functionability:

Because I’m so sure you needed to see how a drawstring pajama bag is supposed to be used and all. I told you I was excited about this project!


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  1. that’s cute! and a pajama bag is a fun gift idea!

  2. It’s so Beanie! I kid you not, she spent 45 minutes last night going in circles with that bag dragging it on the floor like a puppy and yelling “my bag!” She loves it! Who knew she’d treat it like a toy?

  3. It’s just adorable! Aren’t you glad you bought that fabric?!

  4. hi, i happened upon your blog by way of Pimpstitch because i was curious to see if you made other really “cute” things. i really like this pajama bag idea and it was very clever how you added the embroidery to it.
    it all goes so well together.

    you are quite talented and i look forward to reading that post up there about the garbage bag.

    thank you for some great ideas that tell me it is ok to make it my way!! ( i get to caught up in following it by the book lol)


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