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Or Maybe I Need to Get Out More

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I mean, first I’m bouncing-off-the-walls-excited about a pajama bag, and now…a car trash bag?

Um, yeah!  Very excited, in fact, when I came across this tutorial, more than one could ever imagine. First of all, I am one of those people (sorry, Finny) that has been driving around in a vehicle completely lacking in any sort of waste management system. I’d like to point out that there aren’t any cigarette cartons or even food wrappers and that kind of thing floating around the car, but there are straw wrappers. And sometimes empty drink containers. Oh, and please let’s not forget the number one offender: junk mail. So I’ve been meaning to bring a box or something into the car to corral it all, but that idea wasn’t quite doing it for me. A bag that can be made from scrap fabric (or prized remnants, as I like to call them)? Which, on top of that, looks really easy to make, and only takes one notion? And includes an extra pocket for my favorite passenger’s small toys? Yes, please!

I’m not going to lie: this project almost shot its way to the top of the list, but I needed to go buy the clip. That’s how obsessed I became with cranking this baby out. And it is easy! The absolute most time-consuming part was threading the strap through the clip, and that’s probably due to the fact that the fabric I used is a funky stretchy bottomweight instead of regular cotton. Even with that, and the cutting and pressing and everything, it probably didn’t take an hour. Love it love it love it. Now to move it to the car.

I don’t even feel crazy talking to y’all about the thrill of sewing a trash bag for my car. That’s the beauty of the internet, isn’t it? It’s proof that there’s at least one person out there with similar “deep thoughts” floating around in their head. Need further proof, Mikey (and Bev, for that matter)? Take a gander at this. And please note that the topic is only a year old. 

I rest my case.


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  1. Aunt Linda had one of these car trash bag things in the 80s. Hers was a light brown fake leather pouch. I thought it was the saddest thing even at the age of nine. However; yours looks much cooler.

  2. Can I get one of these?

  3. Look how cute yours is! Your car will love you for it. And, imagine not having to look at your junk mail while you drive? That’d be cool, right? And safer, I guess.

    Although I find myself gazing at my trash bag from time to time. Which is scary since it’s attached to the back of the passenger seat and, well, I’m driving.

  4. I laughed for a while thinking about your email to the 7up people.

  5. Yep, I need one of those. Love it!

  6. Your car trash bag looks very pretty. I saw the tutorial on Finny’s blog right before I went on vacation but have printed it out so I can make one, too (not wanting to be left out of the fun, y’know). I do actually need such a bag, not so much for my own habits but those of my husband who sees nothing wrong in dropping his Coke cans or whatnot on the floor of my car. Personally, I see a lot wrong with that and this bag will help.

    I do know exactly what you mean about being able to share such projects on our blogs and know that somewhere, there are people who’ll read about it, understand, and actually praise us for such efforts. Life is good.


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