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It’s Not Easy Being Green…Or Is It?

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OK, first of all, as I’ve mentioned here before, I’m all for conservation. The whole reduce-reuse-recycling motto? Wonderful! Of course we should be doing all of those things! Why wouldn’t we, really? Why in the world are we wasting stuff and filling up landfills just for the sake of it? But. I have to admit that my eyes are starting to glaze over whenever I hear about all the “green” this and “green” that. The term is so overused that it’s getting on my nerves. That having been said, I’m a sucker for any list of “go green!” tips, and that goes for the books filled with ’em, too. And if they’re touted as being simple and painless? Oh, you are definitely speaking my language. Sun Chips had a pull-out insert in a magazine that I’d, well, pulled out and saved and now I can’t find it. All that I can remember is that some of them were so ridiculously simple that it made me feel silly for being able to check them off with a little pat to myself on the back. “We’re not totally frivolous – good for us!” Not that I don’t appreciate the encouragement; it’s nice to feel like you don’t have to completely overhaul your life in order to be on the right path. Of course, the only one that comes to mind is the one that I chose to take completely out of context, just to make myself laugh: Plan a green wedding. Know what? I can do that! Sure, I’m already married and it would be completely irrelevant, but I’ll plan, plan away.

I also have read The Green Book and Gorgeously Green within the last couple of months. The first one started out with a lot of very applicable and simple suggestions, but I remember feeling a little freaked out by the end. I can’t even put my finger on why. I think it’s just too overwhelming. It’s almost as if everything we consider common and everyday is poisonous and must be banished immediately. And not like I think these suggestions are meant to be read as a blueprint (“You must put each one of these ideas into practice immediately or you personally will be responsible for destroying every bit of land and sea, not to mention killing your family. You, Megan! And no, it wasn’t the benzene and mercury common to the workplace of the 70s that poisoned your father. You served him food from a plastic container, didn’t you? And didn’t those sweet potatoes in your ‘souffle’ come from a BPA-lined can?!”), but I start to hyperventilate a tiny bit anyway. The second book also had a lot of advice which was pretty light in tone and I can see working a good deal of it into practice. Still, there are always items on these lists which directly conflict with suggestions on others. For example: Never put plastic bags in curbside recycling bins. What?! Then why did our recycling company specifically tell us it was ok? Why?! This is the kind of stuff that messes me up. However, this book also includes possibly the best tip ever for something you and I can do to better our world, and I don’t mind telling you that I plan on putting it into practice right away and you should, too. Really, Friends—let’s pull together here:

Don’t support dancing bears.

(I kid you not.)

Know what? Done and done. Though it may pain us, no longer shall our vacations revolve around traveling from town to town seeking out dancing bear shows. This is my promise to you.

My other promise to you? I, unlike the local news, will not open every discussion with the breaking bulletin that the price of gas is high. I’m sorry if this will leave you wondering, but I can’t bear to hear about it at 5:30 in the morning…and again at 5:30 p.m. Yep, it’s unreal. Got it. Actually, it was unreal a month ago. Now it’s all too real, but it’s no longer something I can consider “news”. If the price falls below $3.50 again? That’s news. [Painful, painful news, because who would’ve thought that would be considered a bargain? Ugh.]


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  1. I’ve just now figured it out – I love reading your blog because we think alike! So many of the points you make (in this and all your posts) are my unexpressed thoughts. It is a challenge to balance responsibility with reality, isn’t it?! But if we continue to do the best we can, one step at a time, I want to believe that at some minute level we are making a difference. Not to mention the monumental impact of setting an example for our children (and anyone else who notices). However, I too am growing weary of the “green” tag line. Enough already.

    That being said, have you tried the Clorox Green Works line? It smells SO good, I’d want it for that reason if no other.

    I’m also impressed with the details of your evening meal. Mmm. I think I may lay out some chicken breasts! Have a good day!

  2. Don’t feel bad…maybe it was partly my fault…I served Dad mercury out of a plastic container one time…

  3. I did throw away that one possibly bad plastic water bottle my husband bought for himself. What number did it have to be? Like a 7 or an 8? The really hard kind. Though maybe the hormone like chemical that drinking from it would have done him some good- made him more sensitive or something…

    We did start recycling a couple months ago, and it was fun teaching my four year old about it all. My only problem is: where is the nearest place to recycle platic and soda cans and newspaper around here? I know of one place twenty miles away on our way to church. That’s closed on Sundays. Isn’t it kind of contradictory if you have to drive far in order to be just a little green? What about carbon emissions?

    How about I just quit overthinking, eh?

  4. yeah..I’m pretty sure I sprinkled mercury flakes on his toothbrush when I was a kid. We’re all to blame


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