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Three Just May, In Fact, Be a Magic Number

Yes, we have been enjoying a Birthday Bonanza around here the past few days in honor of The Boy’s third year. In lieu of a traditional party, we decided to have some Family Fun Days this year. (I just was not feeling like hosting a party this year. My hope is to hold out from this point on until he starts campaigning for one, which will probably be, well, next year.) We had so much fun! Saturday, we took him to his first movie, and that was a success. Well, a semi-success: He thought it was “great!”, but doesn’t want to go again. Hey, that’s okay, too. Then, yesterday, Daddy took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s for some game-playing, but that’s not all. No, no indeed. He also swung by the HEB to pick up, to quote the kid, “special sweet drinks”; that’s all he talked about the rest of the afternoon. Poor Daddy. Had he but known that he could’ve saved two hours and ten dollars worth of tokens….

Today, we wrapped it all up with cupcakes and presents and more cake and more presents. A good time was had by all.

Here’s Joey enjoying his present:

I can’t believe what a big boy he’s become all of a sudden. Oh, and if you have any doubt about it, he will be quick to let you know that he’s big, not a baby. Got it, Chief. So far, almost-three has been filled with challenges, and I have a feeling those aren’t going to let up anytime soon, but it’s also been pretty great. He’s just so curious and says all kinds of crazy things; it’s a real treat to be his mama. 

Now if I could just get his big boy room ready, we could get the transition to a new bed underway. I’m looking forward to starting that, simply so that I can get it over with. I dread these kind of changes. I am, however, really excited to get another shot at decorating a room for him. The one he’s in right now is adequate at best, but not a lot of fun. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job this time around. Mama’s trying, Boy!


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  1. Thanks Meems, thanks a lot! You have no idea how sad that picture just made me. He looks like such a big boy…somehow older than when I saw him a couple of hours ago… :o)

  2. Happy Birthday, Joey!!!! Glad it wasn’t you, Meg, at C E. C! I can’t even bear to say the name of that place.

  3. I’m with liss on this one. I really got choked up at that picture. Such a big boy, I can’t imagine what he’ll look like by the time I get home at Christmas


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