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I can’t say for sure, but I think we may well have been the last house in the neighborhood to get a grill. Three summers of coming home and smelling everyone else’s delicious barbecue dinner was enough to push us over the edge, so this summer we joined their ranks. At first I was afraid to touch it. For one thing, I don’t know a thing about grilling. When I lived in an apartment (before I was aware of the burn bans and regulations – oops), I had a little Weber charcoal grill on my balcony. I read up on the best methods for piling and then distributing the coals, found a great (sounding) recipe for this brown sugar and spice-rubbed steak, and excitedly sparked up the ‘cue.

A half hour later, I sat there trying to chew the sweet and spicy jerky that came off the grill. I think that was the last time I took the lid off of the kettle.

But that was yesterday. Nowadays, I’m also very scared of setting myself or the house on fire with a gas explosion. Very scared indeed. However, I love the taste of grilled food, and it has made summer cooking something of a treat. If it weren’t for the mosquitoes, I think we’d grill every night! I think we’ve just about mastered chicken breasts, and the pork loin last week was de-lish. Sure, half of the pita bread that was thrown on the grate to heat burned to a crisp before I could even flip it over, but that’s all part of the learning process. Of course, most of the time we’re cooking up such fine fare as hot dogs and corn on the cob. Hey, it may not be gourmet, but come on. Chili dogs? Roasted corn? Food fit for a king, in our book!

It should come as no surpriseĀ that I managed to parlay my new love of grilling into a quick sewing project:

The Grillmaster’s best friend: The Mega-Mitt. Not a new invention, of course, but one that popped into my head every time I had to open the door and thrust in my poor arm, protected only by the old tshirt that was wrapped around it. Yes, rather than buy a mitt for the second time we used the grill, we opted to stick with the “Hey, do you have a rag or something I could use?” method. Classy, no? And my regular-sized mitts weren’t cutting it, and I don’t like seeing them outside (for only half of the stuff that goes out the door comes back in a timely fashion; most of that would be the food.)

For this project, I just used the template I’ve been using for standard oven mitts for years with a few modifications. The length has been extended by about six inches, and I added an extra half-inch around the hand portion. Also, rather than go with the curved lower edge, I cut that straight across. Here’s a picture of the standard on top of the mega for comparison:

This made it easier to sew together, because I was then able to just bind the edge of each quilted rectangle, trace the template onto the wrong side, and then sew around it. Trimming through all the layers of interfacing and fabric was a bear, but it’s done now!


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  1. Brian once set our backyard on fire with a charcoal grill, so they can be dangerous indeed! I said “Should I call 911?” and he replied (holding a flaming can of gasoline) “It’s as good a time as any!”

  2. There’s something special about grilling food outdoors; it always tastes better. What a great mitt; I love it! The longer mitt and the straight cut on the edge are really smart modifications.


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