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Sure, It Doesn’t Look Like Much

On what seems like Day 110 of the pantry/cupboard overhaul, this tiniest of all counters is making me extremely happy. [Also: I realize that the title of this post could easily be taken to represent the quality of the picture itself. I’m no photographer, and this is a dark little corner y’all! Sorry.] That little coffee area has been driving me nuts for months! Every time you went to put a mug on its tree, or took one down, you’d end up knocking something else over on the counter. The cupboard directly over it was packed to the gills, so I couldn’t move the mugs to a shelf, and besides, they went on the tree that came with them! How could you separate one from the other?

Answer: Simple. Cull and corral the million medicine bottles that had taken over not just one, but one and a half of the small shelves, and then liberate the mugs from their tree. Huzzah! And don’t forget the canisters. Oh the canisters! Now I can see at a glance that not only do I have iced tea bags, but there is currently a full supply. Excellent. I’m hoping I can break out of the rut in some of the other areas which haven’t been working. And don’t get me wrong: I’m all for buying storage containers with specific purposes such as these, but I try to be very careful not to fall into the “I just need a few more enormous tubs to get this under control” syndrome. Oh, let the buyer beware.

Seriously, I am taking way too much pleasure in the sight of this little alcove. It doesn’t speak well of a home when it’s keeper trains all of their focus on the smallest sliver of space, just because it happens to be clean and organized. Still, I’m choosing to view it as my ray of hope. “Someday we can all look like this”, whisper the rest of the semi-buried surfaces, “if only someone will help us.”

(Um, well, good luck with that, Other Counters. I’m rootin’ for ya!)


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  1. YAY for organization and de-cluttering. I am all for it. I swear this makes us better consumers because we recognize what we don’ use and appreciate what we do.

  2. BEAutiful! Now I must go organize the mug/cup/medicine cabinet…I’m feeling motivated!

  3. Yay for uncluttering!! It looks great. And I agree with Kelli’s comment too. Now, I am off to do some uncluttering of my own 🙂

  4. themindofmikey

    LOL that last line was GOLD! Oh ps, I’m thinking of building a childrens book around the wall art you made me. We should talk soon about this=)


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