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This Could Only Mean One Thing

Waiting for Edouard
Waiting for Edouard

Yes, when you see beef jerky and the big bottles of water lining up in our pantry, you know it’s hurricane season. This is pretty much the extent of our level of preparation. Well, not really. We also moved the potted plants to shelter and I charged up the cell phone, and we have a first aid kit and flashlights. And peanut butter. So, yeah, I guess we’re set. (We’re pretty far inland; it’s hard to know what else to do in our neck of the woods.)

The nice thing about a tropical storm is that there is a warning, but therein lies the rub, because they have been issuing hourly bulletins or even hour-long special newscasts (depending on the network) all day. The news has not changed since they first mentioned this storm at five this morning. All they keep showing is the “cone of uncertainty”. It looks like we’re directly along the storm’s path…but that’s not for certain.
In essence? I may have re-scheduled my doctor’s appointment and workday to later in the week because it might rain tomorrow. Hey, it’s better than being stuck out in a monsoon because I didn’t want people to think I was some kind of idiot for making other arrangements, right? Right? And believe me: I won’t be complaining if we dodge a major storm. They’re pretty much a fact of life – heck, the garden variety severe thunderstorms are no picnic! – but I could do without ’em.

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  1. Best of luck to ya, hopefully people will maintain their sanity unlike with Rita. I also hope that it doesn’t dump as much rain as Allison did!

  2. Well, it’s nearly 11 a.m. and we have been getting rain. But nothing bad. I always keep plenty of food storage, so we were pretty much set… for nothing so far. I didn’t even think of bringing in my plants! Oops! Stay dry! I started to fill up my tub with water for flushing if the water system went out, but changed my mind last night.

  3. my goodness, bottled water and beef jerky. Ours usually looked more like bottled water and oatmeal creme pies. Glad there was nothing more than a little parking lot flooding!


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