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His Game Goes Up to Eleven

It's one more.

For the uninitiated, this will give you an idea of the controversial rules three-year-olds apply to their games. Yes, I was there when we were playing, but I still have no idea why rocks have to be placed on almost all of the numbers. I’m also unclear as to why the board needed an eleventh square. Well, you’ll notice it’s actually lacking the square. A certain six and a half month pregnant mama couldn’t bend down to draw one more single square with the chalk without fear of blacking out, so, after failing to accept the argument ten squares was plenty, the Gamemeister shot her a disgusted look, took the chalk, and added the eleven on his own. The square itself must not have been that important after all.

(And the missing square has nothing to do with the fact that said mama hates drawing with chalk. Did you see the other ten?? I’m taking one for the team, here!)

I have so many things to gab about, but I really should be using this time to finish up a gift that’s “due” tomorrow. For a quick project, I sure am taking the long way around: This is day four. Whatever—I’m closing in on the end. Besides, how can I due my best work in the evenings, seeing as how I’ve been stricken with Olympic Fever? USA! USA!


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  1. Well, obviously this is an Olympic event and requires the eleventh marking. I think it’s cute but how kids come up with such “different” rules is beyond me. I, too, am stricken with Olympic fever and the hours in front of the TV is certainly making my bottom grow larger which is an Olympic venue all its own.


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