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They Pull Me Back In

After last month’s debacle, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be participating in anymore challenges for a while. Of course, last month’s debacle could have been stalled until a later date, had I only read the challenge correctly in the first place. I promise you this: I read Finny’s charge at least twice, and only picked up on the “dealer’s choice” portion, completely and totally missing the “children’s project” spec. Oh. And you were too kind to even point it out, Ms. Finn, which I appreciate so much, considering how completely disgusted I was with the boxes and how one more thing may just have pushed me ’round the bend.

Anyway, fast forward to the August/September challenge. I wasn’t particularly jazzed about this bag when I got the book, but the timing was perfect: my sister’s birthday is this weekend, and she’s an elementary school teacher. Who could make better use of a tri-pocket tote than a teacher, I ask you? I tucked in an aluminum water bottle and a moleskine notebook, which I figure would be a welcome addition to any tote. Happy Birthday, Aunt Joshie!

As for making the bag itself, it really was as simple as the book’s title promises. I added a lining to give it a little heft, but that’s more of a personal hangup than a necessity. All things considered, this one’s a keeper!


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  1. Ah yeah! We got you hooked. And seriously? How fabulous is that bag?! LOVE it. And the Sigg bottle.

  2. Very cute – I’m sure your sister will be delighted!

  3. That tote is so cute! Perfect for a busy teacher. Great job!

  4. It’s adorable! I’ve not made my project yet, but you’ve inspired me to get going on it. I love the addition of the bottle and the Moleskine.

  5. Hey, no one appreciates being left alone to do as they please like I do, love.

    You go make your boxes and hate them – I won’t criticize you or make you play by the rules.

    I’m glad you’re back though and not sad about this project. Your bag is very awesome and has reassured me that this may, in fact, be a Simple Gift to Stitch instead of a Crappy Thing That I’ll Hate.

    I’m just saying.


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